BBs and Pellets: Choose The Winchester Model M14 Semi Automatic CO2 Air Rifle

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Wincheser Model M14 BB and Pellet Rifle

Review of the WinchesterModel M14 Air Rifle

The Winchester Model M14 is a semi-automatic air rifle that makes use of a 12-gram CO2 cartridge and fires both 16 rd BB and pellets. A lot of people these days are looking to purchase air rifles with similar looks as the real high powered guns you see in the battle field. If you are looking for one, then perhaps the Winchester Model M14 semi- automatic is best for you.

Among the features of the Winchester Model M14 is the sling swivel that provides comfort for the user. Also, it has a synthetic stock that meets ergonomics as it could easily be handled by both right and left-handed shooters. For shooting, this air rifle has an adjustable rear sight that allows you to have your preferred set up depending on the wind and other factors that could affect the shot. The Model M14 by Winchester also has a manual safety feature that gives you peace of mind. Shooting at maximum velocity of 700fps, it is a decent air rifle for those who shoot either BBs or pellets.

M 14 Air Rifle by Winchester fires BBs and Pellets

Pros and Cons

One of the things that makes this air rifle popular among shooting enthusiasts is the fact that you can already get yourself a good-looking air rifle for only $80. In terms of aesthetics, this could be a good deal since it looks similar to an M14. Able to propel trajectories with a velocity of 700 fps, this is a decent air rifle in contrast to others that shoot both BBs and pellets. It also has a rubber buttplate that allows comfort as you shoot pests and minimizes the impact when you take your shot.

For those who don’t want the single shot air rifles, then the Winchester Model M14 makes a good deal since it is a semi-automatic air rifle. Carrying the air rifle, you will find that it is also light at 4.4 pounds, allowing any user to carry around the air rifle anywhere he goes. The downside is that the durability is in question. For a durable air rifle on the market, you want at least weigh around 7 pounds.

Aside from issues with durability, it is quite noisy compared to other air rifles in the sub $100 price range. As advertised, it has a 4-medium-high which translates to roughly around 93 decibels. If you are quite particular about being stealthy as you shoot, then this is not the air rifle for you.

Should you purchase this air rifle? For someone who has a limited budget, and shoots both BBs and pellets, this could easily be a good option. This could save you money if you shoot both BBs and pellets. However, if you are looking for a more powerful air rifle, then perhaps you should stick with the single shot air rifle alternatives. There are a lot of decent air rifles out there you could get for $80. This is can be classified as an entry level air rifle that won’t make a strong impression with the long time air rifle enthusiasts.

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