What Makes The Crosman M4-177 Pneumatic Pump Air Rifle A Good Buy?

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Crosman M4 .177 Air Rifle Review and Rating Box

Do you want a cheap and good looking air rifle? Then perhaps, you should check out the Crosman M4 .177 caliber pneumatic pump air rifle. This air rifle can shoot both BBs and pellets accurately. With a maximum power of 600 FPS on pellets, this particular item is comparable to some of the best air rifles for under $100 like the Daisy 800 Powerline. As for its firepower using BBs, The Crosman M4-177 generates 625 FPS and can hold around 350 BBs in its reservoir.I

In terms of aesthetics, Crosman followed the design and overall appearance of the classic M4. Though most of the materials are made of plastic, the Crosman M4-177 Pneumatic Pump air rifle weighs around 5 pounds. This item comes with accessory rails that you can use in order to place scopes and other accessories such as flashlights and laser.

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If there is anything you will love about the Crosman M4-177 Pneumatic Pump air rifle, it is the fact that the product comes in cheap. Not only does it sell for under $100, but you can actually have it for as low as $44. If you are the type who is still not yet decided whether or not to invest in an air gun, perhaps this will give you the proper introduction. It is relatively cheap, not to mention that it feels solid the first time you hold it.

The stock is also adjustable, similar to other Crosman air rifles. It is perfect for both adults and children alike. Regardless if you are shorter than 5’, or 6’ tall, the Crosman M4-177 adjustable stock makes it perfect for all users.

If you will be purchasing a scope, make sure you get the one that can accurately assist your shots for 75 foot ranges. The .177 caliber air rifle could easily hit the target within this range.

Firing around 350 BBs, and around 5 pellets, this air rifle can provide you with a decent number of shots. It is also easy to pump with its pneumatic system. This rifle is, in fact, perfect for hunting small animals such as rodents and other pests.


Given the construction of the air rifle, though it feels heavy, you really don’t expect the Crosman M4-177 to last for several years. In reality, it is still made of cheap plastic that can easily break if exposed to harsh weather conditions during hunting.

As for the firepower, you may want to come closer if you are going to hit the target. Don’t expect these types of air rifles to carry the same firepower as the pellet specific air guns. And lastly, most air rifles these days go hand in hand with a scope. Now, that is something you can’t find when you purchase the Crosman M4-177 Pneumatic Pump air rifle.

Final verdict

Should you or should you not purchase the Crosman M4-177 Pneumatic air rifle? If you are on a tight budget, yes this can get you the best bang for your buck. Similar to other Crosman air rifles that can be cheap, but useful, it fits the bill for war games and pet extermination.

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