Why Choose A Sheridan Pellet Gun?

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Sheridan pellet guns are manufactured by Benjamin/Sheridan U.S.A., ever since Benjamin firearms purchased the Sheridan line of high-quality pellets guns. Sheridan air rifles are known for their accuracy and firing power, and the company’s Blue and Silver Streak pellet guns have been popular with small game hunters and target shooters for more than twenty five years.

Sheridan pellet guns are available in both .177 and .22 caliber, and can include both gas and pump action firing power. With so many reasons to like these air guns, they are still very popular, so we thought we would review two of our favorite Sheridan pellet guns.

Sheridan Pellet Guns

With such a line of high performance pellet guns all capable of producing high-powered, accurate shots, it can be difficult to choose our favorites. These two pellet guns are perfect for intermediate and experienced target shooters, and they can also be used for hunting small game. These pellet rifles include a limited one-year manufacturer’s warranty on all new purchases.

Benjamin 397 Air Rifle (.177)

This .177 caliber pellet rifle features a beautiful hardwood stock, which has been curved to fit securely in the arm for added comfort and stability when firing. The air rifle is powered by pump action, which can be adjusted depending on the distance to the target. For a velocity reaching 800 feet per second, it is recommended that you pump the air rifle at least four to six times.

The barrel is rifled for added accuracy; and the rifle’s lightweight, 6 lb., design makes it perfect for experienced or novice air gun users alike. The pellet gun also includes a leaper scope for sighting in targets, and includes rings and a mount for additional scopes. This Sheridan pellet rifle is ideal for target shooting, plinking, and pest control.

Sheridan 2260MB CO2 Rifle air rifle

This .22 caliber air rifle features Sheridan’s trademarked curved hardwood stock. Not only does it fit comfortably against your shoulder when firing, but the curved design also gives you a clear line of sight. This CO2 powered rifle can fire up to 600 feet per second, and it is ideal for outdoor target shooting and small game hunting.

One of the main differences you’ll notice with this air gun is the metal breech. This single shot air gun uses a 12 gram CO2 canister which can fire up to 100 pellets. This gives you plenty of power for hunting and pest control. The rear sight is completely adjustable, while the front sight is fixed. This lets you line up your target and take into account changes in wind speed and even elevation–both factors that can alter the trajectory of your shots and cause you to miss every time. An 11mm dovetail sight is also included with the air rifle. While this air rifle is not recommended for beginning shooters, it can be used as a teaching tool for intermediate shooters. A manual safety is also included to help prevent any accidental misfires.


Even though Sheridan is no longer manufacturing air rifles, they are still popular with pneumatic gun users. They are powerful and reliable, and are now manufactured by Benjamin. Whether you are looking for a pellet rifle for small game hunting or target shooting, there is a Sheridan air rifle for you.

Note: Before purchasing or firing any air rifle in your area, it is best to check with your local guns to avoid any tickets or fines.

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