The Top Pellet Gun Brands

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Air Rifle BrandsBrands really do make a difference when you are looking for a pellet gun, and some manufacturers are better than others. With so many different types and brands to choose from, it can be hard to know where to start looking. One of the reasons you probably want to buy a high-quality air gun is for the durable design and long-lasting parts.

Pneumatic guns are often used for target shooting and for hunting small rodents and other pests, which means velocity and accuracy are important. A poorly-made air rifle will not be able to consistently give you an accurate shot, or even one with the same speed and power each time you fire it.

With a top brand air rifle, you get consistent shots every time, and while it is common for a new air rifle to be slightly off target during the first few shots, it will quickly correct itself to give you the power and accuracy you need for any type of target shooting. While the top pellet gun brands may be slightly more expensive than other air rifles, in the end you will end up saving money by not needing to buy replacement parts. There are several manufacturers of pellet guns, but there are some that stand out from the rest. To help you get started finding the best air gun for you, we’ve listed the top five manufacturers of pellet guns according to what you and your fellow air gun owners are saying.

Top Pellet Gun Brands


crosmanThe Crosman company is one of the leading manufacturers and sellers of high-quality air guns. Not only do they carry a long line of Crosman pneumatic firearms, but also Benjamin, Sheridan, and Marlin. Their high-quality scopes and ammo work with almost any manufacturer’s air rifles, as long as the calibers are the same. You can choose from pump action air rifles, CO2, break barrel and even PCP air rifles, and they also allow you to customize your own air rifle. Using only hardwood, steel, and high-quality metal alloys, the Crosman pellet guns are built to last for generations of fun.


Distributed by Crosman, this innovative brand features all types of pneumatic weapons and a line of quality ammo. Their hardwood and synthetic stocks are designed for comfort and stability, while their accurate sights and air rifles make them a favorite among some competition shooters. They also make air rifles for novices and younger children.


Gamo-logo-webFor over 50 years, GAMO has been manufacturing a long line of adult air rifles, pistols, accessories and ammunition. What truly sets this company apart is that every product is individually inspected before leaving the factory. This ensures that you get the same result every time you take a shot. You will have the same accuracy and velocity, which makes GAMO’s pneumatic rifles ideal for competition shooting and for small game hunting.

Smith & Wesson:

If you are looking for a replica air gun or rifle, this iconic gun manufacturer has exactly what you are looking for. Their pneumatic firearms are made with the same attention to quality and detail as their authentic firearms, and will even give you the same experience when you fire them. This attention to detail makes Smith & Wesson air guns great for to use as teaching tools, and a perfect addition to any pellet gun collection.


Whether you are seeking for a pneumatic replica Beretta or a .22 caliber Browning, Umarex has what you are looking for. One of the leading manufacturers of all types of replica pellet guns, they also carry a line of Ruger and Walther air rifles. These powerful pellet guns look and fire like authentic firearm arms, and are often used in tactical training classes. They are ideal for the gun collector, or for plinking and target practice. They also carry several air rifles designed for hunting small game and pest control.

 Whether you are looking for a replica air gun or you just want a pellet gun for backyard plinking with friends, you can find the perfect air rifle from any of the top pellet gun manufacturers. Before purchasing any air rifle, you should first check your local gun ordinances.

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