Top Benjamin Air Rifles List

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A Benjamin Air Rifle is ideal for those looking to hunt small game, participating in a shooting competition as well as hobbyists. Benjamin is a manufacturer that has a long standing reputation for producing feature rich air rifles that are of impeccable quality.

How to Purchase

There are a variety of things that need to be taken into consideration when purchasing an air rifle. First off, you will need to know the precise purpose for which you will be using the firearm. From there, you will need to consider the length at which you are desiring to shoot from. The following are specifications that will additionally need to be considered:

*Gun Type: The main three types are Gas Ram, PCP and the Spring

*Fit & Finish

*Trigger Quality



Best of Benjamin Air Rifles

Benjamin Marauder PCP

Benjamin Marauder Woods Walker PCP .22

This is a highly preferable air rifle within the Benjamin line for a variety of reasons. It is an 8 shot repeater that is .25 caliber and has the ability to be modified for varied velocities. Its internal shroud allows it to be ideal due to the fact that it produces low noise. The foster fitting of the firearm permits for quick pellet refill, which is a feature that is rarely found in similar products presented by other manufacturers. The Marauder PCP’s 2 stage trigger guarantees a superior level of accuracy in regards to the targeting of aim. The product comes with a 1 year limited warranty, swivel studs, a degassing tool and a magazine.

Benjamin Trail NP XL

Crosman Benjamin Trail NP XL 725 .25 Caliber Nitro Piston

This .25 caliber cannon is able to deliver upwards of 900fs. It is a break barrel Gar RAM type with a Nitro piston as well as a thumbhole stock for easy grip. This is an air rifle that has been reported as being 70% quieter than other cannons of the same type while delivering shooters with exceptionally smooth performance. Its twin cheek pieces and textured grip make it quite convenient while allowing for shooters to hit their bull’s eye consistently. This air rifle weighs in at a manageable 9 pounds, with a variant of 8 ounces due to differences in wood densities.

Benjamin Nitro Piston .177 Caliber

This is one of the most sleekly designed and most stylish of the firearms that have been designed by Benjamin. This powerful piece of machinery is .177 caliber and is able to deliver an impressive 1200fps. It is quite comfortable and easy to handle due to its steel barrel with integrated shroud. The air rifle comes with a 2 stage trigger that is regulating in order to ensure that a shooter will not misfire. The recoil and noise has been expressly decreased die to Nitro Piston technology, therefore making this unit ideal for use during small game hunting. Additionally, the Benjamin Nitro Piston .177 Caliber is suitable for a variety of weather conditions and its most ideal feature is that of the 3-9X40mm rifle scope.

Benjamin Titan GP Nitro Piston

Benjamin Titan GP Nitro Piston

The Benjamin Titan GP Nitro Piston has a thumbhole stock that serves as its unique selling point as well as all other air rifles within the Benjamin line. It contains a .11 caliber Break barrel Gas piston with an amendable 2 stage trigger. Smoother shooting and cocking is guaranteed due to Nitro Piston technology. This is an air rifle that is void of fatigue as well as spring torque. Even when left cocked for several hours, the performance is excellent in cold weather conditions. The package include a 1 year limited warranty, and an un-mounted Center Point 4X32 rifle scope.

Benjamin Trail NP All Weather .22 Break Barrel

Benjamin-Trail-NP-All-Weather-Break-Barrel-Air-Rifle -.22)-powered-by-Nitro-Piston-Side-View1®

This a .22 Break barrel air rifle that is quite suitable for any type of weather conditions. It possesses a shooting velocity of upwards of 950fps, making it ideal for small game hunting. This is a firearm option that is comfortable for long term use as well as impeccably durable due to its Nitro Piston. The Break barrel is able to deliver an incredible 23 ft. lbs. of silent energy which is additionally known to provide a minimum of 16% of extra downrange energy as compared to .177 caliber air rifles. The incorporation of the 3-9X40AO scope makes the firearm even more desirable and useful.

In Conclusion

There are a range of air rifles that are currently available on the market. Your particular needs will determine whether to not a Benjamin Air Rifle is the most suitable choice for you. Follow the buying tips listed above, and you will be headed in the right direction on your quest to secure the optimal cannon for you.

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