The Top 5 Air Pistols

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Air pistols have changed from the cheap plastic toy BB guns many people remember from their childhood, to a powerful pneumatic firearm that can be used for a number of different applications. With the right air pistol, you can humanely hunt small game, control pests, and enjoy a fun afternoon of target shooting. While there are several models to choose from, there are a few top-rated air pistols to consider.

Top Rated Air Pistols

Crosman Bolt Action CO2 Powered Pistol

Crosman Bolt Action CO2-Powered PistolThis compact .22 pistol packs a punch with its CO2 canister and is capable of a maximum firing velocity of 460fps. It features a bolt action design for safety, and its lightweight construction makes it easy to aim and fire. This is a single shot air pistol, which makes it ideal for target shooting and pest control. It is designed to look and feel professional, while still being safe and easy to fire for a beginner.


  • The affordable price of this .22 caliber air pistol makes it ideal for almost any budget.
  • Since this is a single shot, bolt action air pistol, it is safer for beginners to fire than some other models.
  • With the advantage of a maximum velocity of 460 feet per second, you can use this air pistol for target shooting or controlling backyard varmints.


  • The lightweight construction might not be ideal for some shooters to hold and aim.
  • While the CO2 canister does give this air pistol extra powerful and velocity, it can also be expensive to continually replace.

Crosman American Classic Pump Air Pistol

Crosman-American-Classic-Pump-Air-Pistol-(.177)-ViewThere are several reasons why this is considered one of the best air pistols, including its lightweight and convenient design. The classic wood and metal construction give the air pistol a realistic look and feel, while the single bolt action makes it extremely easy to use this pistol. Not only is the .177 caliber air pistol easy to load, but you also have the advantage of being able to fire up to 600 feet per second. With rear and front open sights, you can easily line up each target before you take your shot.


  • Not only is the one of the most accurate air pistols, it is also designed to help you improve your aim.
  • The lightweight construction and single bolt action design makes this the perfect air pistol to use as a starter for beginners.
  • You have the advantage of the front and rear folding sights so you can line up each shot before you take it.


  • This air pistol is extremely easy to load and fire, but it might be too simplistic for some experienced shooters.
  • This is a .177 caliber air pistol, and it might not be legal to own in all neighborhoods.

Daisy 985415-442 Hunting Air Pistol

Daisy 985415-442 Hunting Air PistolThis is one of the top-rated air pistols that is also affordable. It is designed to be used for backyard plinking and recreational target shooting. While this is not a toy, this air pistol is also designed to be used by beginning shooters and includes all of the necessary safety gear. You have the advantage of a maximum velocity of 500fps, and you’ll love the polished barrel that is designed to increase speed. With the included CO2 canisters, you have plenty of power to empty the 21 once shot BB clip into the target.


  • This is one of the most affordable air pistols that also includes protective glasses with your purchase.
  • You have the advantage of semi-action firing power, which lets you group your shots on the target.
  • This air pistol is ideal for target practice and pest control, along with plinking cans in your backyard.


  • It should be mentioned that this is one of the top-rated semi-auto air pistols, and it might not be legal in all areas.
  • While there are extra packages of BBs and CO2 canisters included with the air pistol, it can still become expensive constantly replacing the ones that are used.

Remington 1911 RAC CO2 BB Pistol Kit

Remington 1911 RAC CO2 BB Pistol KitDesigned and constructed by Remington, this .177 caliber pistol looks and fires like an authentic weapon. It features a non-slip grip that fits comfortably in your hand, and the trigger is easy to smoothly pull. This air pistol can hold up to 18 BBs in the magazine, and with a maximum firing velocity of 320 feet per second you’ll have the advantage you need to hit all of your targets.


  • The included carrying case is ideal for storage and will help to protect the air pistol from damage and accidentally firing.
  • You can hold up to 18 BBs in the magazine, so you can spend more time firing instead of reloading.
  • The non-slip grip is designed to fit comfortably in your hand, and the semi-automatic air pistol also features minimal recoil.


  • It has been mentioned that this air pistol might be too loud for some neighborhoods, and this should be considered before purchasing.
  • It should be mentioned that this .177 air pistol might not be powerful enough for controlling larger varmints and pests.

Benjamin Marauder Woods Walker PCP .22Benjamin Marauder Woods Walker PCP .22

One of the first aspects you will notice is the camouflage pattern, which blends in beautifully with your surroundings. This PCP air pistol is ideal for hunting small birds and game, and the shoulder stock is also included for accurate long distance shots. The two-stage trigger can be adjusted for comfort, and it is also designed to prevent accidental misfires. The eight shot clip helps to cut down on reloading times, so you never miss when your target flies by.


  • This pneumatic air pistol features a clip that can hold up to eight .22 caliber BBs or pellets.
  • You have the advantage of being able to remove the stock for closer shots, and the powerful mounted sight.
  • The bolt action design is easy to use, and you will love how precise and accurate each shot is.


  • This is one of the best .22 caliber air pistols for hunting birds, but it might not be powerful enough for small game and pest control.
  • The sturdy construction and precise shooting also mean that this air pistol is priced higher than other models.

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