Ruger Air Hawk Combo Rifle Review

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Side image of the air hawk combo rifle for review article

A review of the Ruger Air Hawk Air Rifle

There are many people who desire to have an adequate air-rifle in their possession. For those people, the Ruger Air Hawk Combo Rifle is just the perfect tool. It has all the charismatic features one requires in an effective air-rifle. Below we are going to discuss its specifications, so all those who are interested to know more can read on.


The Ruger Air Hawk is a powerful air rifle and a considered perfect shooting contraption for long-distanced targets. Its one shot cocking mechanisms and 1000 fps of maximum velocity make it a powerhouse air rifle on the market.


Apart from this, the Ruger Air Hawk is also extremely durable and long-lasting. It is quite versatile and can be used in any provided condition.


To be very honest, this air-rifle is considered to be extremely accurate. It has an adjustable trigger and fiber optic which accounts for pin-point accuracy, even for the farthest of targets.


To put in simple words, the manufacturers have conjured up a sexy design. The dimensions are 46.8*6.5*3”. It is also extremely light weight at only 9.9 pounds to be exact, making it extremely portable and easily transferable from one shooting location to another. Some of its other specifications include 0.177 inch caliber, velocity at about 1000 fps, a rifled barrel, a spring piston power plant, and trigger pull is 3.0 lbs. The butt place is a soft rubber recoiled pad, it has 11mm dovetail and a dual adjustable trigger, and the front and rear sights are fiber optics. With so many cool specifications, there is no surprise why they are so popular among air rifle lovers.

Close Up View of the Ruger Air Hawk Air Rifle


  • The Ruger Air Hawk Combo Rifle is extremely durable.
  • It offers pin-point accuracy rates.
  • Has about 4*32 air gun with scope and mounts.
  • It is extremely versatile and can be used in any given condition.
  • It is easy to use and has dual alterable triggers.


  • The price is just a touch expensive for average people to afford, but in spite of that they are very favored.
  • They tend to cause some discomforts with long term usage.

Final verdict:


In conclusion, the Ruger Air Hawk Combo Rifle is a really handy air rifle to have in one’s possession. They have a sexy design, are durable and long-lasting, and they are versatile and pin-point accurate. With so many cool features, it is only natural for people go gaga over them.

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