What Makes the M16 Airsoft Gun A Beginner’s Best friend?

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Military Style M16 Rifle for Airsoft

Airsoft guns are becoming sophisticated today. One of the best features of airsoft guns is that they are now patterned after the best guns we’ve had for years. These designs on which an airsoft gun is based are designed to be ergonomic and sturdy even in the worst situations.

The M16 is a gun designed for the US military with both automatic and semi-automatic configuration. The rifle became part of the US army in the 1960s. With different modifications during its lifespan. the M16 is a great weapon to base an airsoft rifle on. The M16 is an easy-to-carry weapon that can handle some of the worst weather conditions. The M16 A2 Style Airsoft Spring Powered Rifle is one of the best on the market today. For a low price of $30, you get superb quality shots with great accuracy, not to mention performance savvy design.

There are some things you need to know if you are going to start an airsoft hobby. First, you need to set a budget. it has to be within a reasonable range. Note that there are some airsoft guns that can be reliable despite the very low tag price. Second, is it sturdy? You want an airsoft gun that could last for years.

What To Expect From the M16 Airsoft Gun?

If you are a bit short, the M16 airsoft gun is a good call. This gun is better in terms of accuracy in contrast to the AR-15; and with the right type of BBs, you can execute your game plan flawlessly. What makes the M16 Airsoft gun popular aside from its design is its power and easy-to-use features. You have both power and comfort when using the airsoft gun considering that it has been based on one of the best firearms out there. In fact, a lot of people would expect the M16 airsoft gun to be twice its actual price.

For those who are very particular about accuracy and are using the peephole on their airsoft gun, the M16 airsoft model may not be the best one for you. It has a peephole that is a bit to the right, which may take some time to get used as there are adjustments you have to do.  Some users take the peep hole and readjust it, which is not really hard to do. For those who have played airsoft games for quite some time, this is not a really big issue. The accuracy of the airsoft gun is still at par with the best guns in the market. In terms of the feel of the M16 airsoft model, you are going to feel as if you were using the real thing, except that it is so much lighter.


The M16 A2 airsoft comes with a screw driver, a couple of BBs, and a magazine. In terms of assembly, do not expect a user-friendly manual. Fortunately, it has been constructed in a very user-friendly way. The M16A2 also comes with a carrying sling that can allow you to tote it without tiring your arms.

The M16 A2 Airsoft is a lightweight product that mimics the shape of the M16. Upon first inspection, you will notice that it really looks like the M16, but since it barely uses metal, you can obviously carry it around without any problem. It has a battery pack by the rifle butt. Also, in terms of the grip, the M16 A2 airsoft is a great purchase if you are looking for an airsoft gun that is both be applicable to a right or left hander. The airsoft gun also has its safety configuration that allows you to carry it without worrying too much about accidentally firing the. Considering that the .2 gram BB can get through, this airsoft holds serious firepower that can really hurt. The product can provide you with an easy-to-load magazine that will give you enough firepower.

Good Firepower?

If you are shooting within 30 feet, this is the perfect airsoft gun you can find. In fact, if you hit someone within this distance, it can still sting even after a decent 5 minutes. As for the firing ability of the M16A2 airsoft gun, it has the ability to shoot 475 BBs in one magazine while weighing less than 3 pounds due to the plastic construction. So will you run out of bullets? Possibly in a really long game, and you may have to reload your magazine once or twice. If you are worried that reloading will take some time during an actual game, this is not the case with this weapon of choice. For you to continue firing, you only need 5 seconds in order to get everything reloaded.

If you are expecting an automatic rifle in the form of a M16, you have to understand that this is not the case. Though it has three options–safe, semi-automatic and automatic–the automatic setting is really just for show. Why? The product is a spring powered airsoft gun, which doesn’t give you an automatic shot.


The airsoft, based on the popular M16 rifle, is a great product mainly because of its user friendly and sturdy design. It has superior value in terms of accuracy, while having 320 feet per second velocity. A lot of people are looking into the M16A2 as a superb airsoft for beginners and even for those who have been playing the game for quite some time. In terms of price, firepower, and easy-to-use construction, the M16A2 airsoft gun may be considered as one of the best out there. For a $30 price tag, this is a good airsoft gun you can have on your own. Operational ease and accurate are characteristics that you want to see when it comes to a high-end airsoft gun.

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