Key Benefits Associated With The Marlin Cowboy BB Gun

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Marlin Cowboy Review and Overview

We will spend a few minutes reviewing the Marlin Cowboy BB Gun, so if you are looking for a replacement BB gun for you or someone in your family, you are definitely in the right place. This lever-action BB gun will give the look and feel of a wild west movie, but without any of the gunpowder. In order to operate this gun, an individual will need to deliver twenty-four (24) pounds of force on the lever to get it into firing position. You will need to use 0.177” BB since the rifle has a smooth bore, and it will not get the long distance we find with other rifles. but it makes up for this shortcoming by being able to shoot multiple rounds in quick succession.

This Marlin Cowboy BB Gun provides you with a reservoir of seven hundred (700) rounds so you should be able to load it once and have more than enough ammunition to last you the day; but just in case, you can always bring extra with you. You will have to familiarize yourself with the safety which is manually activated, or you could find yourself in a situation where you are trying to get a shot off, but nothing actually happens.

Things To Keep In Mind

Since the Marlin Cowboy BB Gun is not rifled, you are not going to get precise shots; but they will hit their mark if you are relatively close. Shots have been clocked at three-hundred and twenty-five feet per second, and there are some individuals who report faster speeds, but the 325 FPS has been well established.  This model is also very quiet so you have the ability to make multiple shots without having to worry about disturbing people or damaging your hearing. Nevertheless, it would be wise to always wear proper ear and eye protection or you could injury yourself. While the Marlin Cowboy BB Gun is great for the first time shooter, it would be wise to provide adult supervision if the person is under sixteen (16) years of age or they could hurt themselves or others around them. What makes the Marlin Cowboy BB Gun such a great gun is the affordable price and high quality, making this model stand out from all of the others currently being sold on the market.

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