In Depth Discussion of Modern Day Air Rifles

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Air rifles are becoming extremely popular. Not only are they a hobby for different individuals to practice shooting, but they have also become a handy tool to control pests. If you look at air rifles on the market today, you’ll soon realize that they come in different sizes as well as construction.

In fact, if you opt to purchase one, it is a good idea to know details about its operation and the basic difference of each air rifle. Here is an in-depth discussion that can help you with your next purchase.


Modern Day Air RiflesFor starters, a lot of air rifles today carry sufficient force that may take down a large animal such as a bore or deer. For anyone about to purchase an air rifle, it is imperative to first consider safety. Knowing the consequences of shooting an air rifle should always be a priority.

Propulsion method

There are different propulsion methods for the air rifle. It makes use of pneumatic, CO2 or  spring piston mechanism. For starters, the different propulsion methods provide different level of power to the air rifle. Aside from the force, the propulsion method is also responsible for the hunting convenience of the user.

For CO2 canisters, it is a necessity to find a store that offers this type of product. In choosing the right propulsion method for your air rifle, you also need to co nsider the cost. For instance, CO2 powered air rifles can cost a lot of money in the long run.

As for pneumatic air rifles, these are air guns that make use of compressed air. In fact, it can either be a pre-charged or pump pneumatic air rifle. The most common type that people are using is the pump up air rifle. This is a moderately powerful air rifle. As for the downside, you have to pump every time you need to shoot. For the pre-charged pneumatic air rifles, this version can be extremely powerful, not to mention that you don’t have to charge every time you shoot.

Spring piston air rifles use the stout spring alongside the air piston in order to propel the pellet. These air rifles can be consistent unlike the other two propulsion methods. Often times, it is even labeled as an “adult” air rifle because of the power it generates.

Air rifle calibers

Air-Gun-Pellets caliber

Now that you have an idea of how air rifles operate, it is a good idea to take a closer look at the caliber. Between the different calibers of air rifle pellets, the .177 is the most popular considering that the speed it delivers is perfect for hunting pests and birds. For those looking for the in between characteristics of the .22 and .177 caliber pellets, these users stick with the .20 caliber pellets.

Knowing the propulsion and the type of caliber you can use with your air rifle, you now have an idea of what you get online. It will help you make the best purchase.

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