How to Choose an Air Rifle

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    Whether a small game hunter or a hobbyist, choosing the best air rifle for you is critical for your respective enjoyment.  There are a number of air gun companies within the market that are selling rifles such as Crosman, Ruger and Gamo.  Such companies are offering rifles with prices that range from $80 to greater than $400.  Knowing precisely what you are looking for will certainly help to save money while selecting what you need/desire.

    With the following, you will be able to weed through the masses and choose the right air rifle for your needs

What will it be Used For?

Air rifle for target practice, hunting or pest control

   The first step in in purchasing an air rifle is knowing what you will be using it for.  Will this item be utilized for target practice or hunting?  You must keep in mind that air rifles are expressly designed for a variety of purposes, be that target practice, hunting or pest control.  Additionally, it is true that any air rifle type can be utilized for multiple purposes, but an experienced shooter will want one designed precisely for their needs.

What Caliber Will You Require?

air rifle pellets

      Calibers for air rifles are selected in accordance with your personal preference.  The most commonly used calibers are .177 and .22.  A .177 caliber rifle is capable of firing at high velocities as well as hitting targets at long distances with a great deal of accuracy.  A .22 caliber rifle, on the other hand, is heavier and has the ability to deliver the most amount of knockout power.

At What Distance Will You Be Shooting?

   Air rifles are available in four categories of power, which include the following: super magnum, high, medium and light.  Super magnum and high air rifles actually fall into the very same category.    Should you be interested in a rifle for pest control and target shooting within a distance of 35 yards, a light powered rifle is ideal.  For a target of 50 yards, a medium powered air rifle is the optimal. Should you be interested of in need of hitting targets within the range of 75 to 80 yards, a super magnum air rifle is what you will need to opt for.  

Gas or Spring Powered?

   Currently available for purchase on the market are the following: carbon dioxide gas powered, PCP/pneumatic, and spring piston powered.  A PCP or pneumatic air rifle has the ability to fire multiple rounds of ammunition with a single charge and a great deal of accuracy.  This type of rifle is also available in semi and full automatic.  Spring powered rifles utilized a break free barrel and a single pump is the equivalent of a single gunshot.  Finally, air rifles that are powered via carbon dioxide gas are the easiest to use.  They have impeccable accuracy while being semi-automatic.

Decide on Your Budget

    Pricing plays quite a large role in your selection options for an air rifle.  You need to set a firm budget and search for rifles that are exclusively within your budget.  Additionally, keep in mind that your budget should include accessories as well.

Personal Preferences

    If you are an air gunner, you may have a preference in regards to shape, accuracy, style and design.  Most importantly, you will need to be confident in your selection due to the fact that that it will enhance your potential and shooting skills. You will need to also consider that should you desire a rifle with optical sights, some do not allow for that option.  

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