Why Benjamin Trail NP XL 725 Is a High Quality High Powered Air Rifle?

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Benjamin Trail NP XL 725 Break Barrel Pellet Rifle (.25)

Whether you are after pest control or hunting, you may need a good air rifle. Air rifles today come in different sizes and shapes. Those for hobbyists are called BB guns while there are also those air rifles that throw projectiles of pellets. What most people look for in an air rifle is its capacity to knock down small animals. Whether it is a large rodent or a rabbit, it is imperative to look into its ability.

If you want a high-powered air rifle, check out the .25 caliber Benjamin Trail NP XL 725 Break Barrel Air Rifle. What are the perks of this model? Firepower is definitely there considering it doesn’t use .177 caliber pellets. Over the years, people have shifted from the small pellets to the bigger .22 to .25 size. What difference does it make? For those who are after distance, then the .177 is a great pellet to buy. However, with wind and different environmental factors that can deflect the small and lightweight pellet, it is easy to see how you could prefer the .25 caliber pellet instead.

Designed as a High-Powered Air Rifle

With the Benjamin Trail NP XL 725 Break Barrel Air Rifle, power is something you can expect. Based on the appearance of the air rifle, you can come to the conclusion that it is a high-powered air rifle by looking at the length of the barrel. The air rifle has a 49 inch overall length and weighs around 8.5 pounds. This construction allows the Benjamin Trail NP XL 725 Break Barrel Air Rifle to generate enough kick with its pellets. So what can you expect from this high-powered air rifle?

The velocity of the air rifle ultimately depends on the type of material you are using. If you are using alloy or lead, you will get a different velocity. For the alloy, you get 900 feet per second covered, while you get 725 feet per second with the lead pellets.

Benjamin Trail NP XL 725 Review

Aesthetics and Performance

What most air rifle manufacturers forget is that rifles need to be functional and not just pure aesthetics. As for the Trail NP XL 725, it has a great checkered hardwood stock that you can easily associate with some of the most expensive air rifles on the market. With the 30 foot pound muzzle energy it generates, it leaves no doubt that it is a great air rifle that can be used efficiently for hunting season and pest control purposes.

What makes this product a good choice? If you are after stealth, you can easily get the best results from the product. This was made by Nitro Piston and the manufacturer made it possible for the air rifle to be quieter than most spring operated rifles. This is crucial, especially when you are hunting down rodents that can easily be alarmed, even by the minimal noise that your gun makes. The 70% reduction in the sound can make a big difference.

Also, if you are hunting for a number of hours, it makes a difference if you are able to fire the air rifle without any trouble. The design of the Trail NP XL 725 has a simple cocking motion that guarantees the best shot in a very smooth manner. The manufacturer of the Trail NP XL 725 has addressed accuracy. They have placed a CenterPoint precision scope that you can use with the air rifle. It has a range-estimating reticle that you will easily find handy especially when hunting.

High Powered Rifle - Benjamin Trail NP XL 725

User Comments

In order to gauge an air rifle’s function, you have to look into user comments. Does it leave an impression? Does it provide users much needed firepower and accuracy in real life scenarios? What stands out is the choice of the Trail NP XL 725 in order to make use of .25 pellets instead of .22 or the smallest .177 caliber pellets. The advantage of having the .25 caliber pellet is that it can humanely take down the small animals it hits. You don’t have to worry about just hurting the rabbits, which usually happens with the .177 caliber pellets.

When it comes to accuracy, a lot of people are pleased with the fact that it has a strong, stable design that makes the Trail NP XL 725 air rifle a really great choice if you are looking for equipment you can center on your target. Also in terms of the design, a lot of people who purchase the product are happy because it can do the job of eliminating pests and provides reasonable distance to your shooting needs.

Is it really worth it? If you have the money, this can be a really good choice. The price for the Trail NP XL 725 rifle can reach up to $297. This is already a few dollars short of a $300 air rifle. Considering the stability, overall performance and quality of the construction, this air rifle is simply a superb product that carries serious firepower.


What you have to look into if you are trying to purchase an air rifle is fire power. The caliber of pellets that the air rifle uses can be a great factor in this regard. How much kick can it give per shot? Also, can you use it in a very stealth manner considering rodents may be alarmed by the slightest sound? These issues are all covered by the best air rifles. The Trail NP XL 725, though quite expensive, can be a very reliable product that you will easily enjoy. Whether a beginner who loves to be engaged with the sport, or a guy who lives in the middle of nowhere with pest problems, you will find this a very good option. Also, considering the reviews of other users, it is unanimous how good this product is.

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