What Is So Special About Gas Powered BB Guns

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If you are an avid hunter or simply just like to target shoot outdoors, you probably already know what makes a gas BB gun so special. On the other hand, if you are thinking about using an air rifle for any outdoor shooting, you probably should familiarize yourself with this type of pellet gun.

First of all, gas powered air guns use CO2, nitrogen, or a green gas which is actually propane. This means that you can shoot your pellets farther and faster than the spring loaded type and some electric air guns. Along with more fire power, gas BB guns are also automatic, semi-automatic, or both. Air gun lovers know that a semi-automatic pellet rifle is simply more fun than a standard single-shot air gun.

Since you have the ability to shoot farther with more speed and accuracy, this are also the preferred air rifle for most small game hunters. One of the bonuses of these air rifles is the ability to help guide and group your shots. This not only delivers a quick and humane shot, but it also helps to preserve the pelt and the meat. Any experienced hunter will tell you that it sucks having to pick tiny BBs out of a rabbit or a squirrel. It’s also hard to do anything with a hide that is full of holes.

Even if you aren’t an avid hunter, gas BB guns are also ideal for any type of outdoor target shooting. Since they are considered pellet guns for intermediate shooters, just about anyone can fire one. Enjoy an afternoon in the backyard with friends plinking cans, or practice your target shooting in an open field. Now that you know why gas BB guns are so special to outdoor shooters, we’d like to show you are few of our favorites.

 Our Favorite Gas BB Guns

TSD Sports M9 CO2 Gas Powered Non-Blowback Airsoft Pistol with Case


First of all, this air pistol uses a CO2 cartridge to fire the .20 gram BBs. While this is probably not an air gun that you are going to want to take hunting, it is an excellent BB gun for outdoor target shooting. The semi-automatic air pistol can fire up to 410 feet per second and the drop out magazine clip can hold 19 BBs. This BB gun uses a 12 gram CO2 cartridge, which can shoot up to 100 BBs before it needs to changed.

Not only does this semi-automatic BB gun look and feel realistic, but it is also accurate up to 75 feet, which makes it perfect for backyard pest control. Also included with the BB gun is a professional looking carrying case. Not only does the case help to protect the air gun, but it also looks good. Other features of the BB gun include the durable plastic construction, which can lasts through all types of weather, and the non-blow back design. As a word of caution, experience has taught some owners of this BB gun never to attempt to use ammo smaller than the ones recommended. They can cause the air pistol to become jammed, and possibly permanently beyond repair.

WG Model-4321 Tactical Combat 191 1911 Gas CO2 Non-blowback Silver and Black 500 fps colt Airsoft Pistol BB gun firearm weapon replica soft air PrimaU CNB-4601BS

1911 Airsoft Replica CO2 Powered Gun

One of the first things you’ll notice is that this air pistol is slightly heavier than similar models due to its realistic metal body construction. The pellet gun is constructed of a durable plastic, but the rest is made from a weather-resistant metal alloy. This powerful CO2 pistol is capable of firing up to 480 feet per second, and is fully capable of taking down squirrels from 50 feet away. While some hunters have had some success defending their gardens against blackbirds and other feathered invaders, this pistol is not particularly well designed for avian pests.

Like most air guns, it features a non-blow back design and can also hold 16 rounds in its clip. This air pistol not only looks realistic,  but it also feels the same as a standard pistol. You get almost the same kickback, which is why novice or first-time air gun shooters should practice with something a little less powerful. Hit all of the tin cans when you are plinking with your friends, or add a small sight to the rails on the air pistol for perfect shot groupings every time. A safety mechanism is also standard on the BB gun to help prevent accidental misfires.

Colt Defender CO2 Pistol

Colt Defender is one of the best gas powered bb guns

There is something almost sentimental when you think of the Colt name in connection with firearms. It also seems that no matter where you go, there is a hunter or a marksman who still swears by their Colt. This BB gun looks just like an authentic Colt, right down to its all metal construction. The medium-sized label on the gun simply means that it is ideal for anyone who is not a small child, or has very large hands. The air pistol uses a CO2 canister which is capable of firing up to 450 feet per second. The air pistol includes a realistic 16-shot clip which can hold anything from .20 gram BBs to the heavier and more expensive .40 caliber pellets.

Depending on the type of ammo you use, this pellet gun is perfect for taking out small rodents and other pests and for target shooting. The air pistol also has an amazing ability to help you keep your shots grouped together, which might explain why it is becoming popular at many outdoor shooting competitions. The realistic design also makes the Colt Defender air pistol a perfect training tool. With its ability to fire and load almost exactly like a real Colt Defender, many gun safety classes are now incorporating these pistols in their training sessions.

Soft Air Colt 1911 Gas Powered Pistol

Colt 1911 Air Soft Pistol with wooden handle

Modeled after the famous pistols of WWI, this all metal gas powered pistol looks and shoots just like authentic pistols. The recoil is truly realistic with the blow back design, and the green gas powered pistol is capable of firing rounds up to 360 feet per second. The recommended ammo is a .12 gram BB, but some outdoor shooters prefer a larger caliber pellet for hunting small game and varmints.

While this realistic looking BB gun is not designed for the beginning shooter, it will provide hours of fun for intermediate and experienced hunters. Practice your target shooting or show off for your friends by taking down all of the tin cans. The air pistol’s magazine can hold up to 25 rounds, which is more than several of the other gas powered gun models.

Note: Before purchasing any of these realistic and fun gas powered BB guns, it is important to check with your local gun ordinances. Since the air pistols are all semi automatic, different laws may apply in certain areas.

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