Gamo Silent Cat Air Rifle: Shoot With Accuracy and Half the Noise

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Gamco Silent Air Rifle Review Side View Gamo Silent Cat Pellet Gun Review

The Gamo Silent Cat is a 0.177 caliber air rifle weighing less than 6 pounds. This air gun is easy to carry, with a barrel length of 18 inches and an overall length of 46 inches. This is the go to air rifle for someone who wants to shoot with minimal noise. For people who purchase the Gamo Silent Cat Air Rifle to exterminate pests, this is a perfect product that can eliminate them as far as 20 meters. This competes with most air rifles on the market that can hit their targets at 20 meters.

Noise Reduction

Gamo Silent Cat, in contrast to the Big Cat Air Rifle, can be far superior in removing noise from your shots. It has a non-removable noise dampener attached to the barrel.  When using this product, it cuts noise in half, which is a major selling point for this type of air gun.


For those who are looking to shoot with accuracy, this is a great purchase for you. In fact, as long as you shoot within 20 meters, it allows the end user to make the shot. With the aid of the 4 x 32 air rifle scope, similar to other Gamo air rifles, it facilitates your shooting experience.

In addition to the optics, if you have neighbors outside while shooting pests, you can feel free to shoot rodents that are roaming around the premises without making any noise. And of course, as a left or a right-handed hunting enthusiast, you could easily be comfortable with this air gun as it has been designed for ambidextrous shooting.

Small maintenance

For those who are hunting, it is preferable to have an air rifle that is not high maintenance. The spring piston break barrel air rifle is exactly that. In fact, it was made for the outdoors. If you will look at the stock of the Gamo Silent Cat, it is made of a tough synthetic material perfect for all weather conditions.

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Putting the product on a chornograph test, it generates a 1020-1040 fps, which is a fair deal. It has decent fire power, while it basically sounds like a BB gun. However, keep in mind that when you use the PBA ammo, you may have to compromise on the noise reduction capability of this air rifle. Once you reach 1280 to 1330 fps, the noise suppressor functions instead to protect the muzzle more than to dampen the sound that it makes.

Overall, handling is decent when it comes to the Silent Cat. This is an amazing product that you may want to have on hand, especially when you have neighbors who could be bothered by your shots. Since this only sounds like a BB gun, by cutting the noise in half, it makes a great item to have in your home either for hunting or for exterminating pests. As a lightweight air rifle that carries decent firepower, you may want to have one this as your first air rifle.

As for the price, however, you may want to dig deep. With the addition of the noise reduction feature, this air rifle could cost you around $144.

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