Detailed Air Rifle Scope Buying Guide

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You have chosen your air rifle, and it is a must that you have an air rifle scope. Most of the time, air rifle enthusiasts complain about the quality of the air rifle scopes that go with the particular one they purchase. Given this situation, it is a must that you purchase the right type of air rifle scope.

Before you go crazy purchasing items for your air rifle, it is a good idea to first check the type of air rifle you have. For the break barrel type, it can be a problematic situation to just rely on the scope since movement of the barrel could already affect the overall accuracy of your air rifle.

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There are two types of air rifle scopes you can choose from. Choosing the right one for you can be a difficult thing mainly because of the fact that air gun scopes are made differently than the rifle scopes you see in stores. Air rifle scopes are specially made to withstand both vibration and recoil.

Fixed air rifle scopes

The fixed type of air rifle scope, as the name suggests, offers fixed magnification of an image. It either comes as a 4 x 15 or a 4 x 32 scope. This means that anything you see is magnified 4 times. Though these types of air rifle scopes tend to be cheap, you can’t adjust the magnification. This means that you are basically stuck with what you have purchased. You may want to come in closer to get the most from your shot. Once it is sighted in, you can assume it is most likely going to work.

Variable Air Rifle Scope

Images can be magnified between 3 to 15 times depending on the brand you purchase. Unlike the fixed air rifle scopes that are available mainly in 4×15 or 4×32 specifications, the variable air rifle scope comes in something like 3-9×32. To interpret this, the magnification ranges from 3 to 9 while the objective lens is at 32mm.

Why is the objective size important?


You may be asking the difference between a 50mm and a 32mm objective lens? The larger the objective lens, the clearer the image will be. Also, the bigger the lens of your scope means that it has the capability to produce larger magnification and you could easily make the shot better and waste fewer pellets.

For the mounting hardware, there are different options to go for. In fact, you could check high, medium, one-piece mounts, and even specialty mounts available on the market. Each of these mounts has their pros and cons. There are mounts for smaller scopes and there are those meant for larger ones. Finding the correct mount for the scope is crucial since some mounts will only accommodate air rifle scopes that are 44mm or less.

Now that you know the basics of an air rifle scope, it is possible for you to shop around and get the right one for that superb air rifle experience. Another piece of sound advice is to read the reviews where you can learn about different air rifle scopes.

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