Desert Eagle Airsoft Full Auto Pistol Review

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Full Auto Desert Eagle Pistol

Air rifles became popular over the course of past years for the handy appeal they have. They have enough firepower to knock down small animals. They are useful during hunting and for pest control purposes. However, what most people do not know is that you do not need to have a 6-pound air rifle in order to get the best results. Airsoft is a game that makes use of non-metallic pellets. For a serious air soft hobbyist, carrying extra weight is not really a practical thing to do.

This is when the pistols become popular. Pistols are handy and can be used by those who want to have firepower without compromising their overall versatility, especially in the airsoft games. The Desert Eagle has become a great replacement for the airsoft air rifles io the market. If you have been playing airsoft for quite some time, you will know that the presence of the Desert Eagle version is a great thing considering that you do not need to carry a bulky type of air riffle just to enjoy your hobby. You can even shoot with hundred foot accuracy. Also, projectiles can travel at 369 feet per second, meaning that it can be at par or even better than the air rifles on the market today.

The Desert Eagle Airsoft

The Desert Eagle Full Auto Airsoft Pistol is a refined product that can replace the larger air rifles used for hobby and pest control purposes. Israel Military Industries Desert Eagle is one of the best companies that provided gas-operated pistols. These pistols are well designed by Magnum Research together with IMI in Israel.

The Desert Eagle Airsoft Pistol is a replica of the handgun. This means that you can have the feel of the real thing with its semi-automatic and full automatic configuration using powerful .12 g BBs. The Dessert Eagle airsoft gun is a great addition to your collection considering how it has a velocity of 394 feet per second.

Strong Construction

One of the impressions that the product leaves is the large design of the Desert Eagle. This is something quite odd for those who use the flimsy type of airsoft guns, and it just goes to show how the Desert Eagle manufacturers never really compromised on anything for their product.

If you are looking for an investment in playing airsoft, then the Desert Eagle Airsoft Pistol is the product you want to purchase. Whether it is the automatic or the semi-automatic version, you can get the best experience with it.  With 21 rounds allowable for the magazine, this can be your go to pistol of choice. There is a big difference between the Desert Eagle Airsoft and other types of plastic CO2 pistols. One thing that makes the product a good choice is the fact that it is strong and durable. Basically, all the parts are metal except for the clip. If you are looking for a long-term investment, or if you are a serious airsoft hobbyist, this is definitely an option you should look into.


Typically, the price range for the cheap types of airsoft pistols can be under $100. The Desert Eagle is a product that is not really that budget friendly. The cost for the Desert Eagle full automatic airsoft is $116. This price, however, is justified considering the perks that you can get from this equipment.

Of course, if you do not have the money for a full-automatic type of airsoft gun, you always have the option to stick with the semi-automatic type. The semi-automatic pistol is a great alternative since it runs from $90 to $100 while still carrying the durability and performance of the full-automatic airsoft Desert Eagle.

Just Like the Real Thing

Since this is an officially licensed replica of the Desert Eagle handgun, you can expect that you feel as if it is the original. The Desert Eagle full automatic airsoft has a 1:1 scale with the real gun. This just means that the manufacturer of the Desert Eagle gives you a one-of-a-kind experience that can easily give you the feeling of firing the classic one.

Pros and Cons

The product is a powerful airsoft handgun in which you will experience the blowback to be quite similar to the real thing. If you’ve been using airsoft guns and you haven’t experienced anything like it, probably you will need time to practice. This is where inaccuracy can come into play.

Aside from this, what do you need to worry about with the airsoft gun? In reality, you do not have to worry about anything else. If you do not have the budget for the full-automatic model, you have the option to stick with the semi-automatic that ranges below the $100 price tag. This is a good product since you can shoot with a hundred (even hundred and fifty) feet accuracy. Going beyond that, you need not need an airsoft.


Picking the right type of airsoft gun can be quite daunting. Whether a newbie or a regular airsoft player, what you need to realize is that it is necessary to get the best type of product on the market. Getting the feel of a real pistol can make a big difference. This simply means that it possibly holds the same durability and versatility as the real thing.

Performance-wise, the product is something superb. It has the ability to be accurate while giving you the experience of the real handgun on which it was based. As far as comments regarding the inaccuracy of the airsoft gun go, it is all about the strong blow back that compromises the overall performance of the airsoft gun. Other than that, it is a great product to have, although it may take a few shots to get used to the Desert Eagle full automatic airsoft gun. However, it is worth the effort. For a real Desert Eagle enthusiast, this is a great airsoft gun.

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