Daisy Outdoor 35 Boxed Durable & Cost Effective Air Rifle

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Daisy Outdoor Products Model 35

Daisy Outdoor Products Model 35 Boxed Review

Searching for an adequate air rifle? Search no more than the Daisy Outdoor Products Model 35 Boxed (Black, 34.5 Inch). It may just be the shooting tool to serve your needs. It is extremely durable and versatile and using it, you can get complete precision in your shooting activities. Below are its complete specifications, so follow closely.


The Daisy Outdoor Products Model 35 Boxed is NOT the most-powerful shooting air-gun on the market. Its effective multi-purpose pneumatic facilities, along with its ammunition capacities, make it a really powerful air rifle. It also provides about 0.177 caliber BB, comprises about 625 ft./sec supreme velocity, and can render about a 50-shot BB or single shot/pellet ability.


The air rifle, apart from being powerful, is also very durable as well as versatile. Add to these assets a long-lasting ability.

Daisy model 35 Review


This air-rifle is among the top recommended brands by many experts. One of the biggest reasons is its accuracy. The 625 ft./sec velocity and 0.177 caliber BB accounts for this ability. Plus, it has an adjustable rear sight and multi-pneumatic action that makes it really convenient for shooting activities.


The product is marvelously manufactured making it really enticing to customers. The dimensions are about 2*1*1” and the weight is about 1.4 pounds. As a result, this particular shooting tool is one of the most portable air-rifles on the market.


  • The Daisy Outdoor air rifle  is extremely light-weight.
  • It packs quite a wallop in terms of power.
  • It also provides pin-point accuracy.
  • The price is in  an affordable range for customers.
  • It is also very durable and capable of functioning in any given condition.


  • As per the views of users, this is not a target gun, but still it serves their needs and requirements.
  • Also many have said that the tool is just a touch noisy, but they do not mind as it gets the job done.

Final verdict:

In conclusion, the Daisy Outdoor 34.5 Inch is definitely a good choice for all air rifle lovers. It does not cause any discomfort at the time of use and is extremely durable. Add to this its cost-effective nature, and it makes the Daisy one of the top sold out products in all trading forums.

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