Daisy 901 Duck Commander Powerline Air Rifle Review

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Daisy 901 Duck Commander Air Rifle Review

The 901 Duck Commander Model multi-pump pneumatic BB, single shot pallet rifle comes with steel barrel that gives a whooping velocity of 800 feet per second. The fiber optic forward sight and modifiable open rear sight make the positioning bang on the target. It has a black melded forearm with a comfortable grip followed by a proud Duck Commander logo.


The Daisy 901 Duck Commander Powerline Air Rifle packs quite a wallop. It is a perfect shooting device for long distances and behind every shot, a huge magnitude of power is exerted.  With 4 x 15 basic rifle scopes, it has the ability to render about 50 shots BB at about 800 fps maximum velocity, making it a powerhouse rifle. This is why it is so popular among users.


Another great trait about the Daisy 901 Duck Commander Powerline Air Rifle is that apart from being a powerful shooting device, it is also extremely durable as well as long-lasting.


With a maximum power round limit of 50 BB or a single Pellet, both 177 caliber (say about 4.5mm), and a maximum velocity of 800 feet per second. It takes 4 to 10 pumps of the lower arm to get enough force, and is exact up to 4 yards, contingent upon how your sights are arranged. Its accuracy works great with the rigid sights. The safety concern is a push-bar just before the trigger-monitor.

Daisy Duck Commander Air Rifle


This is one pleasant firearm. The body and stock, forearm are made of ABS Plastic with metal-finished internal arrangements like barrel segments and the trigger. The yellow and green Duck Commander logo proudly glorifies the stock.


The pros are the accuracy of a good shot and a 4 x 15 will easily fit into it. Plus there is the robust design. Although the body, stock, and forearm are made of ABS plastic, it doesn’t reduce the sturdiness a bit, added to which the metal internal components like the barrel, trigger, and segments together make this 901 Duck Commander Power line Air Rifle by Daisy a good weight rifle.


The main issue is that BBs don’t appear to pop into the ideal spot when the lever is pulled back. The BBs that should move into position are close, yet not exactly in the right spot; and it takes a little work to get them into position.


Though there might be some minor problems with the loading of the BB, this can’t be the reason for avoiding this Daisy 901 Duck Commander Powerline Air Rifle. The accuracy, sturdiness, and power of the maximum velocity of 880 feet per second make it good air rifle.

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