Daisy 880 Powerline Kit: Experience Shooting BBs and Pellets

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Daisy 800 and 880 Powerline Model Air Rifles

Daisy 800 Powerline Air Rifle Reviews

Daisy is the type of company that a lot of long time air gun enthusiasts trust. Being around in the industry since 1880, they have proved that their workmanship can last for years. One of the best-selling products on the market today is the 880 Powerline Kit that you can purchase for less than $50. However, unlike other Daisy products, do not be disappointed with the 880 Powerline if it comes in plastic.

Plastic Construction That Does Wonders

The 880 Powerline Kit is available in brown and black options. This air gun can both fire BBs and pellets. For someone who loves both, this is a good deal since you don’t have to buy another one. As for the 880 Powerline Kit, it can shoot BBs with the power of 800 feet per second, and pellets for 665 feet per second. Basically, this doesn’t have the firepower of some high-end air rifles; however, this could get the job done. If the purpose of buying the 880 Powerline Kit is for hunting squirrels and rodents, it’s a great product you just bought.

Upon inspection of the product, it weighs half of the typical .177 air rifle. Unlike most 6-pound air rifles, the 880 Powerline Kit weighs only 3 pounds. This allows the user to carry the air rifle around for the entire day.

Daisy 880 BB Gun and Air Rifle

The material used in the construction of the 880 Powerline Kit is mostly plastic, which makes it a bit questionable in terms of durability. Unlike the durable synthetic materials used by brands such as Gamo, the 880 Powerline Kit is made of cheap plastic. Given the price, what can you expect? The product has a limit of 10 pumps which is perfect for small game use. In fact, we believe that this can still do some damage to larger targets if pumped enough.

Shooting Experience

The shooting experience is fairly accurate. Coming with a 4×15 scope, this product can be used for small animals such as rodents and squirrels.  As long as the target comes within the 25 to 45 feet range, you can usually hit the target with ease. We tried to test the limit of the air gun at 125 feet, and it still proved to be an effective air rifle.

Why should you purchase the 880 Powerline Kit?

The good thing with this product is that it can be used both for pellets or for BBs. Also, one of the things you will love about the 880 Powerline Kit is the available safety glasses that go with the product. It has a yellow tint that protects your eyes not only from debris but also from glare.

How does it fare with other products?

In terms of looks, the Daisy 880 Powerline doesn’t have the professional air gun look of other brands such as Gamo. In terms of price, however, the Daisy 880 Powerline gets the job done for less than $50.

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