Crosman Recruit with Scope: A No Nonsense Air Rifle For Both BBs and Pellets

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Crosman Recruit Pellet Gun and RifleCrosman Recruit Review Overview

These days, buying an air rifle can be quite confusing given the number of options you have on the market. For the newer air rifle enthusiasts, the Crosman Recruit Air Rifle with scope tends to make a wave. It is a perfect piece for most people who really don’t shoot much.

Priced at $51 online, you get a no-nonsense design from this particular air gun. It works both on pellets and BBs which makes it a versatile purchase.

Weighing around 2.93 pounds, with a bolt-action mechanism, the .177 air rifle shoots up to 200 BBs in its reservoir; and if you are using it for pellets, you can get a 5-shot clip capacity. Along with this product is the 4×15 scope placed in a 3/8” dovetail optics rail. The stock made of synthetic material looks like more of a toy than a real heavy duty air rifle.


Despite the material of the stock, the design of the stock remains a selling point for this item. In fact, regardless of your height, you can use the Crosman Recruit Air Rifle with ease. It has an adjustable stock that can fit either to a 4’4” child, or to an adult who is 6’ tall.

There are certain things I love about the Crosman Recruit. For instance, aside from loading either BBs or pellets, it is also possible to already make your shot using the variable pump. With just 3-10 strokes, you can already shoot up to 700 feet per second. Now that is fair fire power considering the $51 price.

Crosman Recruit Air Rifle with Pump activated


If you are looking for a dependable air rifle that you could use for a couple of years, perhaps you should look for another product. The construction of the Crosman Recruit is mainly of plastic. This means that you should really not expect this item to last for long. Also, given the variable pump mechanism, you really won’t see this item preferred and recommended by hunting experts.

Where should you use the Crosman Recruit?

Given the effective range of about 15 yards, you can still do damage to rodents if you make use of the air rifle for pest control. With 17.5 FPE at 1000 plus FPS, the Crosman Recruit is fairly accurate. Using the scope, you are ready to shoot with this air rifle.

There are a lot of other options to choose from in the air rifle market, so why should you consider buying the Crosman Recruit? If you don’t have any plans to spend more than $100 on your pest problems, then perhaps you should try this air rifle. The Crosman Recruit provides all the necessities with zero fuss. Its no-nonsense design is practical especially considering it only weighs about 3 pounds. Your typical “lightweight” air rifle would be around 6 pounds. Let’s not forget to mention that the cost under $100.

If you purchase the Crosman Recruit, just don’t expect much. Considered by most air rifle enthusiasts as an entry level air gun, this item is worth its price of $51.

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