Ideal .177 Caliber for Pest Control: Crosman Optimus Break Barrel Air Rifle

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Optimus Break Barrel 177 Air Rifle

Crosman Optimus Break Barrel .177 Review and Rating Box

Choosing a .177 caliber air rifle for your own use can be quite difficult. For instance, comfort, price, accuracy, and overall performance should always be considered. For those with a limited budget, and with the requirement of eliminating pests in their backyard, check out the Crosman Optimus Break Barrel .177 caliber air rifle.

With a fiber optic sight and an adjustable rear sight, specifically made for minor adjustments depending on the conditions, this makes a perfect air rifle. Weighing around 7.13 pounds, and with an overall length of 45 inches, this is a good air rifle for someone looking to shoot rats, squirrels, and small animals.

One feature that makes it different from most air rifles is its hardwood stock. Hardwood is no longer commonly used among manufacturers considering the high cost of production. Aside from the durable hardwood, the ambidextrous design of the stock also makes it a great purchase for both lefty and right-handed individuals.

Optimus .177 cal Break Barrel Rifle Review

Pros and cons

Let’s look into the performance of the .177 caliber Crosman air rifle. The Optimus air rifle is a great air rifle for those who are not really particular about specifics. This air rifle can deliver a good shot especially with the help of its rear adjustable sight and front sight. If you are after an air rifle that can deliver both accuracy and decent muzzle energy, this should be the air rifle for you. It comes without a scope, which is a good or a bad thing depending on who you ask. If you ask those who despise entry-level scopes, then perhaps it is a good thing. This may be what keeps this air rifle within the $90 range in different stores online.

What most people notice, however, is that cocking is heavier than advertised. A small woman, for instance, could have a hard time using the Crosman Optimus Break Barrel air rifle. Ideally, you want to rest the rifle butt in your lap. Holding the tip of the barrel is the easiest way to load the pellet for your shot.

In terms of looks, the Crosman Optimus air rifle is elegant, especially without the use of a synthetic material. Surprisingly, Crosman paid attention to this detail of their product.

In terms of the velocity the air rifle can generate, it has the ability to propel an alloy pellet up to 1200fps. As for the safety feature of this air rifle, it is a great addition to the Crosman Optimus .177 caliber. Simply pulling the safety feature, the trigger then locks and you won’t accidentally pull the trigger.

Overall, the Crosman Optimus air rifle is a great product. It is stable when making a shot, not to mention that it is not as expensive as the high-end air rifles. For a .177 caliber of this quality, it can give you a good bang for your buck. Though not perfect, it meets basic hunting and pest control requirements.

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