Durable and No Nonsense Design Of Crosman Optimus .22 Caliber Air Rifle

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Crosman Optimus 22 Review

The Crosman Optimus .22 caliber air rifle is a great product for those who are looking to shoot pests in their backyard. In fact, if you love the .177 caliber Crosman Optimus, we won’t be surprised if you also love this product. The single shot break barrel air rifle weighs roughly the same as the .177 caliber counterpart at 6.5 pounds and measures around 43 inches in length. Upon first inspection, you’ll notice that this product looks well made and sturdy.

Crosman Optimus .22 Air Rifle Review

The stock is made of hardwood which makes it an attractive piece for a lot of air rifle enthusiasts. In an age when most air rifle designs made use of a synthetic stock, this is a breath of fresh air for people who have an exceptional love for air rifles.

The original price for the Optimus Air Rifle .22 caliber is more than $200, but it could be purchased for $129 which is good news for everyone. This air rifle comes with a 4×32 scope. Carrying velocity of 950 fps to propel an alloy pellet, the Optimus Air Rifle carries a decent velocity for its price.

It has a two-stage adjustable trigger, not to mention a light cocking feature for easy use during hunting small animals or pests in your backyard. It has a medium loudness compared to other air rifles as you make your shot

Pros and Cons

Tne first thing you may notice with this air rifle is that its stock is made of hardwood. Typically, the stock is made of synthetic plastic in order to lessen the production cost. However, for Crosman, attention to detail is a priority.

For most people, breaking the barrel is a difficult thing especially for a smaller individual. With a 30-pound cocking effort, it is highly suggested to rest the rifle butt on your thigh and grab the tip of the barrel in order to get the most leverage.

In terms of accuracy, the air rifle can hold its own against more expensive and high-end air rifles in the business. What most users love about the product is that it can hit its target with exact precision, while carrying decent muzzle energy.

It also comes with a built-in fiber optic front sight to make shooting easy. If you will check the rear sight, it is totally adjustable, thus giving you the much needed modification when dealing with the wind factor. And to top it all off, it comes with a fixed 4x32mm scope. For those who are very particular about it, you can make the argument that the weakest link in the Crosman .22 caliber Optimus is the scope. This is the reason why a lot of people are saying online that they would rather shoot without the scope or purchase a different type.

For a lot of people who are starting to appreciate the different air rifles on the market, the Crosman Optimus makes a good contender mainly because of what it offers in terms of accuracy and fire power, not to mention durable construction. For a $129 price tag, this can be a good .22 caliber air rifle.

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