What Makes The Crosman Optimus .177 Caliber Air Rifle With Hardwood Stock A Good Purchase?

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Crosman Optimus 177 cal Review Box

Most .177 caliber air rifles on the market today are purchased for the purpose of shooting small animals such as birds and rats. As for the Crosman Optimus .177 caliber air rifle, it is a perfect example of a day to day air rifle that can be used to control pests and other things that can annoy you in your home. With .177 caliber and 1200 FPS, it is sufficient to get rid of small animals such as rats, mice, and rabbits.

Measuring 43 inches in total with a solid construction that weighs around 6.5 pounds, the Crosman Optimus .177 caliber 1200 FPS Break Barrel Pellet air rifle is a perfect entry-level air gun. The hardwood stock is somewhat a gem in the air rifle industry since a lot of manufacturers have concentrated mainly on using cheaper synthetic plastics. With its ergonomic design, it has been made for both right and left-handed shooter. It comes with a scope which is a bonus.

It is also worth mentioning that the air rifle has a medium loudness for its shots, not to mention a 30-pound cocking effort.

Crosman Optimus Break Barrel Air Rifle

Pros and Cons

In terms of accuracy, the air rifle is a perfect air rifle for pest control. You can shoot out of the box and hit the target at around 30 yards. It can sufficiently hold its own against many expensive products on the market. And for its price, which these days would run around $80 to $125, you can get a good deal out of this product. Muzzle energy for this piece of air rifle is also decent as it has a knocking power of 18ft/lbs.

What most people complain about this particular product is the fact that you will need to have good arm strength to break the barrel and place your pellet. The Crosman Optimus .177 caliber air rifle is also a great air rifle for its safety features. Located near the trigger, the safety is pulled to lock the trigger, while pushing it makes the air rifle hot again. It also has a fiber optic front sight, which should be durable based upon first impression. Also, you have the adjustable rear sight specific for wind, elevation, as well as other factors.

If there is anything that the air rifle company could improve on, that would have to be the scope. Similar to what most manufacturers provide as free scope, it simply doesn’t live up to buyer expectations. If you watch other reviews out there, it is common to see shooters simply use their eyes when shooting the Crosman Optimus .177 caliber air rifle.

Crossman Optimus 177 Scope Image

Do we recommend the air rifle?

We recommend the air rifle for its no-nonsense design, hardwood stock, and decent shooting accuracy and power. If you look at the price and compare the overall performance of this air rifle, it is safe to assume that you will get a decent kick out of the Crosman Optimus .177 caliber air rifle.

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