Choosing the Right Pellet For Your Air Rifle

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Should you buy an air rifle, you will need to know all the details about it. Regardless if you are only using it for pest control or are exploring the idea of hunting, you need to know a few things about the air rifle including the type of pellets you use.

No right or wrong pellet

Let’s start things off with the fact that there really is no right or wrong pellet. You may elect to use a specific pellet depending on the situation. Some pellets sold on the market will give you a high degree of accuracy in a specific situation, while another variety will work better in other cases.

different types of pellets

How to pick the right pellet?

So how do you get the right pellet for your air rifle? Basically, it is a matter of trial and error at first. You will soon realize that in order to pick the right pellet, you need to know the specifications of your air rifle. Talking to an expert may be the best thing you can do as they can match the right pellet with your air rifle’s barrel and ability to propel projectiles.

What type of pellets can you choose?

air rifle pelletsWadcutter

This type of pellet is flat. In fact, in the past, there were some air rifle enthusiasts who  considered the wadcutter as the most accurate air rifle out there. These days, due to changing technologies, its accuracy may no longer be number one, but this is still a decent choice if you are after target practice as this one comes with a cheap price tag.

Pointed pellet

The pointed pellet is designed to provide maximum penetration, not to mention the ability to glide through the air as it is being propelled to the target. This makes the pointed pellet best for hunting. In fact, this type of pellet could provide a one-shot kill for small game.

Round nose

Round nose pellets are designed to have a decent knockdown power. What is its purpose? It is provides stability and fights wind deflection that can decrease overall accuracy. When do you use the round nose pellet? Since it can maintain velocity by design, it is perfect for long distance shots. This air rifle pellet can work even at 55 yards.


The hollowpoint pellet has been known to be a hybrid design of the round nose and the wadcutter. This one provides outstanding results especially with air rifles that can only fire limited velocities. It has the right flight characteristics of the wadcutter pellets and the knockdown power of the round nose pellets.

As rule of thumb, whenever you are choosing the right pellet for your air rifle you must make use of lighter pellets for low-powered air rifles. If you have an air rifle that can generate faster velocities, then you have the freedom to make use of the heavier pellet to increase knockdown power and accuracy.

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