Choosing The Right Air Rifle for Hunting

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It is common for a lot of people to purchase air rifles in order to exterminate vermin and pests in and around their home. Unlike guns, an air rifle is an excellent option since it musters enough force to exterminate the likes of squirrels, rabbits, and rats without the threat of having stray bullets. Unlike the conventional riffles that can reach a mile and even kill people, the punch of your regular air rifle only travels up to 200 yards.

Understand the Basics of an Air Rifle

Air Rifle for HuntingThe power that you generate with an air rifle depends on the caliber. The .45 and .50 caliber air rifles can bring down big bores and even a coyote. But, of course, this can be a bit expensive compared to the smaller caliber air rifles.

As rule of the thumb, you want to know how you are going to use the air rifle. Are you simply eliminating pests such as rats and rabbits? If yes, then perhaps, try the .25 cal air rifles. What you want to do is to check the foot-pounds-energy of the air rifle you are going to purchase. Why is this crucial? With an underpowered air rifle, you can only expect it to maim a target rather than exterminate it. Of course, the further you get from your target, the weaker it will also get.

For the air rifles that you see on the market, the 12 FPE is the least you could get. For anything farther than 35 yards, you will most likely need to have a stronger air rifle. For instance, getting an air rifle that can generate 30 FPE, can allow you to hit a target more than 50 yards away. Despite the power of your air rifle, most hunting enthusiasts still recommend to shoot at a closer distance. Why? This will ultimately increase the possibility of a kill shot.


Of course, not everything is about the “kick” your shot generates. It is also imperative that you hit the target as well. For those who are wondering about the best type of pellet to choose, let’s start comparing the .22 pellets over the .177 pellets. You’ll notice that though .177 pellets pack a much smaller amount of force, it compensates with accuracy. If you are shooting at short distance, this could be the most ideal option for you. Of course, it is even possible to optimize the performance of your air rifle with the type of pellets you use. There are those that are hollow point and even the wedge cutter that are suggested for short distance hunting.

When choosing the right air rifle, you want to know what you really are going to hunt. Try to evaluate the scenarios during hunting. Typically, do you get close or do you just shoot from a distance? Next, you also want to consider if you are willing to compromise the FPE to increase the chances of hitting the target. If you are trying to hunt for birds, it is ideal to stick with the .177 caliber air rifle since moving targets can be hard to hit with the .22 pellets.

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