Umarex Browning Leverage .177 cal. Air Rifle Review

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Browning Leverage 22 Cal Air Rifle

Browning Leverage Air Rifle Review

This Browning Leverage Air Rifle air rifle has a ton to offer with customary styling, a rock-strong degree stage, settled barrel, and exact and simple to cockerel. I has only 28 lbs. of cocking exertion, but regardless, you are getting magnum chasing force. With so little exertion, you can shoot throughout the day, shoot a few targets, slaughter some tin jars, flip some spinners–the rundown is perpetual.

Here are some highlighted features of this Browning Leverage Air Rifle air rifle


The Browning Leverage Air Rifle air rifle is quite a powerful repeater with a capacity of a single round. It has a spring piston power plant, two-stage flexible trigger. with an approximate trigger pull of about 5.20 lbs. The front sight is fiber optic, and it has a whooping velocity of about 800 feet per second. It is a .22 caliber rifle with a weight of more or less 8.60 lbs.


The durability quotient of this air rifle is that the metal trigger and wood stock finish make it a long-lasting gun all in all.

Close Up Image of Browning Leverage Air Rifle Trigger for Pellet Gun


This .22 caliber rifle with a maximum velocity of about 800 Feet per second and a two-stage flexible trigger is accurate with rigid sights. The accuracy is measured as 0ft lbs. of vitality at 800 feet per second. At 25 yards, it shoots 1 or 2 inches high with 13 lbs of vitality at 650 feet per second. At 35 yds, it is focused and has 11 ft lbs. of vitality at 600 feet per second. At 40 yards it is about 1 or 2 inch low 10 feet lbs. and moving at 574 feet per second.


This is a beautiful air rifle, but the sights are plastic; however, the trigger is metal finished. Also, it has a fiber optic front size accompanied by a wood stock finish.


This rifle is for general chasing utilization. 8 lbs of power is obliged to slaughter a rabbit or even dispatch a squirrel successfully; and at its gag with 14.3 vgr pellets, it produces 20 ft lbs. of gag vitality at 800 feet per second. It is huge and strong, and has a robust barrel that performs from the field use perspective. It is strong as a rock and displays steadiness and precision. It persuades the more youthful crowd on the viewpoint that a full, strong chasing rifle is around 8-10 lbs and that they should get used to that weight for chasing.


Customers have experienced some minor problems with the scope that comes with this air rifle. Also, it is bit heavy and is not for kids.


Browning Leverage Air Rifle Review

This Browning Leverage Air Rifle stands out for its accuracy, sturdy make up, and power, which all in all makes it a good buy.

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