Black Ops Tactical Sniper Spring-Piston Combo Air Rifle Review

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Black Ops Tactical Air Rifle for Pellets

Black Ops Tactical Sniper Spring Piston Air Rifle Review Box

This Tactical Sniper Spring Piston air rifle by Black Ops is a break barreled single-shot rifle with a steel barrel muzzle brake for additional cocking influence. The Weaver or Picatinny sight rail has an adjustable brush with a synthetic stock and an automatic safety of about 44 lbs. Cocking exertion is about 44 inches in length with legs stretching out from 8 to 10 bipod legs which overlap and includes a 4 x 32 degree, mount and a flexible bipod joined to the lower arm. The maker asserts that this weapon conveys about 20-inch gatherings from focus to focus up to 10 meters. However, the maker has introduced a jolt to this break barrel air rifle to give this compressed air firearm a more convincing and strategic look. The jolt is non-functional and about a 4 x 32 degree, mount, customizable bipod and brush.


The Black Ops Tactical Sniper Spring-Piston Combo air rifle is quite a powerful rifle. It can easily dent through something as strong as concrete walls with a scope of 4 x 32. It is good for long-distance shooting, has 44 lbs cocking pull and a whooping velocity of about 1250.00 feet per sec. You can also put on a better scope for a better shooting experience.


Another great feature about the Black Ops Tactical Sniper air rifle is that it is extremely sustainable owing to its design and power. Its metal extension and bi-case helps it to last for a pretty long time.

Black Ops Tactical Air Rifle


The gun delivers about 20 inches grouping from focus to focus up to 10 meters, both .177 calibers and a maximum velocity of 1250.00 feet per second. The pump of the lower arm gives enough force that can shoot up to 25 yards.


This is one wonderful firearm. It is an all-black finished rifle and a bit more than 10 lbs. Its stock is adjustable with a synthetic finish. The bi-unit stands united with each side of the rifle, which are solid, and it has a decent level of conformity as well. The mag is simply corrective and does not really work, yet it does hold devices that you may require some for changes. The lever or jolt is simply nonessential, too. The rails to which the extension and bi case mount are really metal.


It has the accuracy of a good shot and a better scope above 4 x 32. It has a robust design, like the rails, and a metal-finished extension. As the rifle is heavy, the bipod is very helpful and it is also extendable up to 8 to 10 bipod legs. It also has a good velocity of about 1250.00 feet per second.


The main issue with this air rifle is the scope as it is hard to align and in the process won’t give a full sight, so it’s better to get a new and better one. Also, it is way too heavy and without the bipod it is not easy to go for a good shoot.


Although there might be some problem with the weight and the low-sighted scope of the gun, this can’t be the reason to avoid this Black Ops Tactical Sniper Spring-Piston Combo air rifle. The accuracy, sturdiness, and power of about maximum velocity of 1250.00 feet per second make it a good Air Rifle.

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