What Are The Best Pellets For Hunting?

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Finding the best air gun pellets for hunting can be more difficult than you think. Not all BBs are created equal, and not all of them are designed for hunting. Some pellets have a flatter head, which is perfect for target shooting, while others have a rounded nose, which will not work well in standard air guns. When you are looking for pellets to use when hunting, there are a few types that you should familiarize yourself with.

Pellets For HuntingOne of the best pellets to use when you are hunting small game and pests are the pointed pellets, which have a sharp tip on the head of the BB. This makes it easier for the pellet to go through the prey and give you a cleaner shot. These pellets are designed to provide maximum weight behind each shot without changing accuracy.

Hollow point pellets are ideal for tracking and getting rid of small pests, such as birds and rodents. They are designed to provide a killing shot at a closer distance and at a lower velocity. The pellet combines the power of a round nosed pellet, with the shorter flight accuracy of a wadcutter styled BB.

The most important thing to remember when you are looking for air gun pellets to use for hunting is to always buy from a respected manufacturer. Cheaper ammunition can often cause problems in the barrels of the pneumatic weapons, and are normally not as accurate or powerful as the name brands. To help you find the best air gun pellets, we put together a review of our favorites that will give you the power and accuracy you need to for hunting small game and the occasional pest.

The Best Air Gun Pellets for Hunting

Crosman Field Hunting .177 Cal

Crosman 177 Caliber Hunting Pellets

These pellets were designed for both plinking and hunting. They are lightweight, at 7.4 grains, for maximum speed and distance. Hunt for rabbits and wild turkeys, or use them for pest control at home. The pellets are accurate, and will easily work in almost all .177 caliber air rifles. These are lead pellets, so care should be taken to avoid swallowing.

Polymag Predator Polymag Air Gun Pellets

Polymag Predator Polymag Air Gun Pellets for Hunting

These hollow point pellets are powerful and accurate. Polymag Predator is said to be one of the best brands by some air rifle enthusiasts; the pellets work great in both new and older pneumatic rifles. The red tip is constructed of a durable polymer and is designed to give you maximum power with every shot. Weighing only 8 grains, it is perfect for taking care of crawling, flying, or running game and pests.

Crosman LPH .22 Caliber Hollow Point Pellets

While this may be a heavier pellet,  at 14.3 grains, it is still extremely accurate at shorter distances. Hunt small game like squirrels and rabbits, or use them to exterminate annoying rodents and other pests. The pellets are hollow point, which means that you get both power and accuracy; and they will even work in other air rifles models.

JSB Test Assortment Air Gun Pellets

 JSB Hunting Pellets Assortment

This assortment of pellets are perfect for anyone trying to determine which type of BB works best in their .22 caliber air rifle. Included in the assortment of diablo-styled pellets are 60 each of the following: exact jumbo heavies, exact jumbo monster, exact jumbo rs, and jumbo strarton. The pellets vary from 13.43 -25.39 grains so you can get an accurate feel for the different weights. You can shoot small game and pests at varying distances, and you might even try some of the BBs out on target shooting.

Crosman Domed Premier Pellets, 0.22-Caliber

Designed for both hunting and target shooting, these 14.3 grain pellets are powerful and accurate. Each pellet is consistently made so your shots are always the same, which also makes them ideal for grouping shots. Hunt for small game and easily get rid of all of the destructive pests in your backyard with these accurate closer range pellets.

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