Guide To The Best Pellet Rifles For Hunting Squirrels

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There are four main types of air rifles, but the .177 and .22 caliber pellet guns are considered the best for hunting squirrels. These air rifles both have the power, accuracy, and speed you need to successfully keep up with these incredibly quick rodents. Some hunters may recommend that the .177 caliber pellet rifles are best used for plinking and hunting birds. Both caliber rifles are capable of hitting and penetrating the target with improved trigger systems and firing powered by CO2 or nitro canisters.

Hunters looking for the best pellet guns for squirrel hunting should also consider looking for one that accurately fires up to 450 feet per second, and a rifled barrel to help with the pellet’s accuracy. Another feature to look for on the pellet rifle is a noise dampener. This can help to silence the air rifle’s shot, so that squirrels are not startled by the firearm’s back kick.

Almost all pellet rifles include a front and rear optic sight, but you may also want to consider a larger one. The scope can usually be mounted on top of the air rifle, and can help you keep track of the squirrel as he runs around. Use your pellet gun during the hunting season, and protect your yard and garden from pests when you are at home. We found a few favorite pellet rifles, all designed for hunting squirrels and other small pests. See if one of these is the best pellet gun for you, and join with thousands of others who only use pneumatic rifles when they are hunting for squirrels.

Recommended Best Pellet Rifles for Squirrels

Crosman 2100 Classic Bolt Action .177 Air Rifle

The original squirrel hunting air rifle

This powerful .177 caliber air rifle lets you choose between pellets and BBs. It is perfect for backyard plinking or for hunting squirrels in your yard or the wild. It is capable of firing up to 750 feet per second and also gives you multiple pump action. The rifled steel barrel helps to keep your shots accurate and also features a front and rear optic sight. The safety bolt helps to prevent accidental misfires, and the full-size design makes this an ideal air rifle for any adult hunter. A one-year limited warranty is also included on all new purchases of the Cross air rifle.

Daisy Outdoor Products 880 Rifle

Daisy 800 and 880 Powerline Model Air Rifles for Squirrel Hunting

Its weather-resistant construction makes this the perfect pellet rifle for hunting squirrels in any season, and the Monte Carlo-designed stock will make this pneumatic gun stand out in a crowd. It is a .177 caliber air rifle that offers you the choice of a 50 shot BB or a single shot pellet rifle, which is capable of firing up to 800 feet per second. Front and adjustable rear sights make it easy to line up all of your shots, while the rifled steel barrel helps to keep them accurate. The pellet gun can keep its firing grouping up to 291 yards, and it is lightweight enough (3.10 lbs) for younger shooters to handle.

Gamo Silent Cat Air Rifle

Gamo Whisper Air Rifle Review


With its cool-looking skeleton stock and the power to fire up to 1200 fps, it may make the squirrels leave before you can hunt them. This pellet gun features a mounted 4 x 32 scope so you can always see the furry critters and the rear optic sight is also adjustable. A noise dampener is also included on the air rifle and can quiet the firing noise by 52 percent. Its heavier weight and longer body design make this an ideal pellet rifle for any adult squirrel hunter. A manual safety on the trigger and automatic safety on the cocking system help to prevent any accidental misfiring. A one-year manufacturer’s warranty is also included with any new air rifle purchase from GAMO.

Crosman Optimus .177 Claiber/1200 FPS Break Barrel Pellet Air Rifle with Hardwood Stock and Scope

Optimus Squirrel Hunting Break Barrel 177 Air Rifle

One of the first things you’ll notice about this air rifle is that the 4 x 32 scope isn’t mounted. The handsome design of this pellet gun can make you feel like you were back in the Old West, and the power and accuracy of this air rifle can make you shoot like a gunslinger. Both front and rear optic sights help you line up any target, including red and green sighting dots to use for day and evening squirrel hunting. This .177 caliber pellet rifle can fire up to 1000 feet per second, and the adjustable trigger helps to give you more control. Add in the rifled barrel and all-weather protection, and this is one of the most accurate and durable pellet rifles around for squirrel hunting. Like all new Crosman pneumatic firearms, a one-year manufacturer’s warranty is also included.

Note: Before purchasing any pellet rifle, it is important that you check your local gun ordinances.

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