How To Choose The Best Scope For Air Rifles

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It can be difficult to choose the best scope for your air rifle. They can be either fixed or variable, which means you can adjust the magnification on the rifle scope. These types of scopes for pellet guns can normally have their magnification adjusted between 3 and 15 times, and you will commonly find these optic scopes on air rifles owned by experienced hunters and marksmen.

A fixed scope for air rifles cannot be adjusted, and they normally magnify objects 4 times more than you would normally be able to see with the naked eye. One of the advantages to these scopes is that you do not have to adjust them, but this is also its main drawback. Fixed scopes work best for sighting smaller game and pests, and they are often used by novice shooters.

One final tip to remember when you are looking for the best pellet gun scope is that if you own a break barrel pneumatic rifle, you may want to forego the scope. Each time you open the barrel, the scope will probably need to be readjusted back into place. Over time this can damage both the gun and the scope. Pneumatic rifle scopes will always work best on a fix barrel air gun.

Best Scopes for Air Rifles

Here is a quick review of some of our favorite pneumatic rifle scopes. Hopefully this can help you pick out the best optic scope for your pneumatic firearm.

NcStar 3-9X40 Black Scope (SFB3940R)

NcStar 3-9X40 Black Scope for Pellet Guns

This sleek professional looking black scope is designed for both hunting and target shooting. The multiple lens is completely covered with a ruby finish designed to give you a crystal clear view. The scope weighs only 16 oz, so the added weight won’t interfere with your aim. Only one inch around, with a 3-9x magnification, you will be able to track small pests with accuracy and hit the targets you aim at. A mount and lens cover are also included with the pellet gun scope, along with a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty.

BARSKA 3-9×32 Plinker-22 Riflescope

Reliable Pellet Gun Scope

This incredibly lightweight scope weighs only 11.6 oz, and works with almost all .22 caliber pneumatic air rifles. With three to nine times object magnification, you’ll be able to see and hit your any of your targets. Get rid of pests while sitting on your porch, or take the scope with you on your next rabbit hunting trip.

This scope is designed to withstand all weather conditions and will hold up during any long outdoor hunting trip. Use it to plink cans with friends, or take it to the target range to show off your skills. It also includes a mount, lens, cap, soft cleaning cloth, and a lifetime limited warranty.

UTG 4×32 TS Full Size Mil-dot Scope with Airgun/.22 Rings, Pre-adj @ 35 Yds

Best Hunting Scope for Air Rifle

This heavy duty air rifle scope is fog proof, shook proof, and even water resistant. The scope can adjust for elevation and wind with a few turns of the knob. It also includes a sun shade and can estimate range with the mil-dot reticule. A flip -open lens cap is also included along with the ability to take mid-profile shots. Designed for a more experienced hunter or target shooter, this professional pneumatic air rifle can help turn anyone into an expert shot.

Winchester 809 4 X 32 Scope

Overhead view of Winchester 809 4 X 32 Scope

Shoot your targets with confidence and accuracy with this lightweight and professional looking pneumatic rifle scope. With magnification of 4×32, you can track almost anything to make the perfect shot every time. It can be adjusted for wind and elevation to give you even more accuracy, and the sturdy design can last through almost any weather condition in which you take it out. One of the best features of Winchester 809 scope is the cross hair sighting capability, not only does it line the target up perfectly for the final shot, but it is also fun to use.

Soft Air Swiss Arms 4×32 rifle scope with weaver

Air Rifle scope for picatinny rails

Perfect for any hunter no matter their skill or experience level, this powerful scope is ideal for taking longer shots and for hunting larger game. It is incredibly easy to adjust, with no tools required, and the rubber finish gives it a sleek and durable feel. You can adjust for wind speeds and different elevations and it will also fit most pneumatic guns. A sunshade and protective lens cover are also included with the scope’s purchase.

Cvlife Tactical 3-9X56 Red & Green Mil-Dot Illuminated optics Hunting Air Rifle Scope

Cool Air Rifle Hunting Scope

Lightweight and professional looking, this air rifle scope looks great on most pneumatic firearms. It can magnify objects 3-9x and also features green and red illumination. The battery slips easily under the knob that controls the light’s brightness, and it can be turned off at anytime. Weather resistant and durable, this scope can help you always make your shot whether you are hunting during the day, or in a stand for some late night hunting. The casings on the sides of the lens are also reinforced for additional stability and protection.

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