Our Vote For The Best Pellet Gun For Varmints

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Varmints are those annoying, and sometimes destructive, pests that get into our gardens, tool sheds, garages, and even homes. Normally when you hear people refer to varmints, they are talking about small rodents and the occasional feral cat. While squirrels, raccoons, and even rabbits can look adorable in a wide open field, they are not so cute when they are in your garbage or destroying your garden.

Pellet guns are quickly becoming a popular way to get rid of these uninvited pests, and they are also safer and more humane than traps and poison. The most common pellet guns for varmints are either .22 or .25 caliber or a .177, which gives you the power and accuracy you need to make a clean shot without destroying the carcass. We wanted to help you find the best pellet gun for varmints, so we put together this review of our favorite air guns for hunting annoying pests.

Recommended Pellet Gun for Varmints

Gamo Whisper CFR Air Rifle with 3-9 X 40 AO Rifle Scope and SAT 2-stage Adjustable Trigger

Gamo Whisper CFR 177 Air Rifle with Dampener

This .177 caliber pellet gun has a noise dampener that makes it ideal for sneaking up on rodents and other pests. Firing up to 1,1 00 feet per second, and with a rifled steel barrel for accuracy, helps to make sure that every shot counts. A recoil pad helps to absorb over 74% of the firing shock, which makes this a great air rifle for younger hunters to use. A two-stage trigger, fixed barrel, and top-mounted scope lets you make perfect shoots from a farther distance. This pellet gun also features breach loading and a thumb hole in the stock.

Benjamin Trail NP XL 725 Break Barrel Air Rifle (.25) powered by Nitro Piston®

Benjamin Trail NP XL 725 Break Barrel Pellet Rifle (.25)

Powered by a nitro piston, this powerful .25 caliber rifle is capable of taking down any pest that invades your property. Capability of firing up to 900 feet per second, and a swivel scope mounted on top of the stock, means that you can always line up the perfect shot. Two cheek guards help to protect you from any kickback, and the noise dampener lets you shoot multiple times. This break barrel gun also includes a hardwood stock and a one-year warranty.

Umarex USA Model 460 Magnum, Hardwood Combo, Pellet, .22

Umarex USA Model 460 Magnum Pellet Rifle

This spring-loaded pneumatic rifle features an easy-to-cock under lever mechanism and a fixed front and adjustable rear scope so you can find all of those pesky varmints. The rear scope will also adjust for changes in wind and elevation. An 11 mm rail makes it easy to mount another scope, and this break barrel rifle is capable of firing 1250 feet per second. An adjustable cheek protector and front loading also make this a comfortable and easy air rifle to use. Perfect for hunting varmints and small game, this air rifle will help you protect you property from all types of pests.

GAMO Big Cat 1200 w/4×32 Scope Pellet Gun

GAMO Big Cat 1200 w/4x32 Scope Pellet Gun

This weather resistant GAMO air rifle is capable of firing shots up to 1200 feet per second, and it will also adjust for wind and elevation. This .177 caliber pellet rifle is perfect for chasing ground hogs out of your gardens and for keeping possums away from your garbage cans. The rifled barrel gives you exceptional accuracy, especially with the included 4 x 32 top mounted scope. Designed for hunting small game and for target practice, this air rifle can help you get your yard back again.

Before firing any pneumatic rifle in your neighborhood, check with local ordinances and always make sure that no one else is in sight before pulling the trigger.

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