The Best Folding Pellet Guns

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With the growing popularity of target shooting competitions, many marksmen are finding themselves traveling with their air rifles more often. Folding pellet guns have the same power and caliber as the fixed stock air rifles, and they are easier to transport.

With the ability to fold the stock up, the air rifles will fit easily into most duffle bags and medium sized suitcases. Most of the folding pellet guns can be legally carried through airports, so you never have to worry about losing your favorite air rifle on the day of the competition.

These powerful air rifles fold and unfold easily, and they also include a locking bolt to keep the stock stable while you are firing it. Whether you are following the competitions or simply like to travel with your air rifle, a folding pellet gun can easily go with you. If you are considering purchasing this type of air rifle, we have put together a review of our favorites to help you find the best folding pellet gun for you.

Recommended Folding Pellet Guns

Soft Air Kalishnikov Tactical AK47 Electric Powered Airsoft Rifle

Airsoft AK Kalishnikov Rifle

This realistic-looking electric powered air rifle is modeled after an original AK47. The Soft Air Kalishnikov Tactical AK47 is capable of firing up to 600 rps and can shoot up to 475 feet per second. The metal gearbox and tactical rails function just like they do on the real AK47 and will even let you mount additional rifle scopes and sights. A battery and charger are included with the rifle and the stock folds up in seconds. Keep the stock folded for close quarter fighting during paint ball battles, or snap it open for a day of competition target shooting.

Marines Airsoft SR01 Spring Powered Rifle by Crosman

Crosman Marines Airsoft SR01

With a spring powered folding stock, and front and rear optic sights that can be removed or folded down, this air rifle is perfect for training, traveling, and competition target shooting. The rails on the pellet rifle are ideal for mounting cameras, scopes, sights, and even flashlights, while the hop up can be adjusted for maximum firing comfort. The magazine is clip styled and will hold up to 350 BBs; and it is capable of firing up to 325 feet per second. A safety bolt is included to help prevent accidental misfires, and the repeating mechanism makes it easy for you to group all of your shots. Ideal for plinking and target shooting, this 6mm caliber air rifle can also travel with you almost everywhere you go.

Umarex H and K MP5 K-PDW, .177

H and K MP5 Airsoft Rifle

This .177 caliber air gun looks and feels impressive. It is capable of firing up to 400 fps, and holds a 40-shot easy-to- load clip. The stock is easy to fold, and the magazine is styled after the drop ones. It uses a 12 gram CO2 canister for firing power, and also includes a non-slip grip on the forearm to help prevent slipping when firing. This air gun is fun and exciting to shoot, and is ideal for target shooting with friends or when you are alone.

Note: Even though it is legal to carry most pellet rifles through an airport, it is still best to check with local governments and airlines before bringing a folding pellet gun to the check in counter.

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