Our Recommendations for the Best Competition Air Rifles!

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Shooting competitions featuring air rifles are becoming common sporting events in almost every state. Whether they are sponsored by a licensed air rifle club or a privately run tournament, air rifle competitions are fun and exciting for everyone involved. Spectators get to watch their favorite marksmen show off and root for the local champion shooter.

Air rifle competitions are also great places to exchange tips and tricks for shooting different types of targets. Whether you’re getting ready for a 10-meter drop and shoot challenge, or you are aiming for stationary targets, you want a pneumatic rifle that can keep your shooting scores constantly on top.

Some of the most accurate and powerful competition air rifles are .177 caliber pellet guns, and they are usually powered by spring compressed air or a CO2 canister. This gives you more reliable power for each shot than with a traditional pump-action pellet gun. For distance shots, and lining up targets, you’ll want optics that can clearly sight for you. the 4 x 32mm scopes are popular in completion shooting, along with adjustable rear sights that can take into account different wind speeds and directions.

The best competition air rifles have a fully embellished stock or a simple hardwood; the only thing that really matters is how the air rifle feels in your arm. Comfortable and stability are two important aspects to consider with any air rifle that is going to be used in competition shooting. Have fun with your friends at a local target shooting contest, or try for the prize money at one of the national air rifle competitions. They are a fun way to spend a day and see what other pneumatic gun owners are using, as well as to find out what products they don’t recommend.

If you have been thinking about entering an air rifle competition, we have some recommendations that might work for you. These powerful and accurate air rifles are bound to get you noticed, both for their elegant design and for your shooting skills.

The Best Competition Air Rifles

Crosman PCP Challenger .177 Caliber Pre-Charged Pneumatic PCP Air Rifle with Sight

Crosman PCP Challenger .177 Caliber Competition Model Air Rifle

Listed as a competition air rifle, the Crosman Challenger lives up to its name. The stock is adjustable for maximum comfort and accuracy, and the two-stage trigger is adjustable. The barrel of the air rifle is a Lothar Walther, which is famous for its unmatched accuracy. This competition air rifle lets you choose between CO2 or pre-compressed air, which helps to ensure your shots are always on target no matter the distance. It is capable of producing a muzzle velocity of 530 feet per second, perfect for shredding the tournament’s paper targets. The air rifle is easy to load and fire, and also includes a bolt handle that is comfortable for both right and left-handed shooters. This air rifle is also approved for entry into the exclusive Sporter Class competitions.

Crosman 2300S Air Pistol

Crosman 2300 Silhouette - The best competition air pistol available

While this is not an air rifle, this competition air pistol still packs the same power and accuracy. It fires .177 caliber pellets and is capable of a velocity up to 520 feet per second. The thinner Lothar Walther barrel has 12 grooves and lands for accurate bullseye shooting every time. An adjustable hammer and trigger lets you choose between velocities ranging from 440 to 520 feet per second, making it easy to hit targets at different distances. It can carry 60 shots, and the receiver is grooved for mounting additional scopes. This Crosman air pistol is approved for Production Class Silhouette target competitions.

UTG AccuShot Competition Shadow Ops Sniper Rifle

The best airsoft air rifle competition model

This 6mm caliber air sniper rifle includes a powerful 4 x 40mm scope and is capable of firing up to 480 feet per second. It is incredibly accurate, even at a distance, and can be used during 10-meter target shooting challenges. A bipod is also included for additional stability during your shots, and the metal design gives this air rifle an incredibly realistic feel and appearance. There are two magazines included with the air rifle that comes in handy during rapid fire competitions. This air rifle works best with 12g BBs, and the picatinny rail easily locks in place so you can mount an additional scope or even a camera.

Air rifle competitions are a great way to show off your shooting skills and a new pneumatic gun. You can learn a few tricks from other target shooters, and even win the prize jackpot. No matter which kind of competition air rifle you choose, remember to always practice standard gun safety and have fun.

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