Our Picks For The Best Beeman Pellet Guns

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The German-based Beeman company has been selling some of the finest air rifles, pellets, BBs, and accessories for more than fifty years. Distributing air guns from manufacturers like Weihrauh, and pellets from German ammo manufacturers Haendler and Natermann, you can always be assured that your are getting the very best from Beeman pellet guns.

Most of Beeman’s pellet guns use either field target specials or Kodiak, and also a complete line of BBs. Choose from domed and wadcutter BBs to destroy your targets, or use either hollow points or pointed pellets for hunting small game and shot groupings. Whether you want a mounted scope on your air rifle for tracking squirrels and other small prey, or a red dot sight that makes it fun and exciting to hunt nocturnal pests.

Beeman’s has air rifles and pistols for hunters of all types and skills. Choose a training tactical pistol to help young cadets improve their accuracy rating, or select a lightweight and accurate .22 pellet rifle ideal for hunting small game and plinking. No matter what type of air rifle you are looking for, you will find the right caliber and style. Here are our picks for the best Beeman pellet gun.

Recommended as the Best Beeman Pellet Guns

Beeman RS1 Dual-Caliber Air Rifle Combo

High Quality Air Rifle Beeman RS1

You can use the .177 caliber barrel for target shooting and plinking, and then switch to the .22 caliber barrel when you want to hunt small game or get rid of some pests. There is a front red dot sight and an adjustable rear green dot sight to help you make perfect shots anytime. The included 4 x 32 mounted rifle scope is manufactured by the technicians at Beeman, and the barrel can also be adjusted for maximum accuracy. When you are using the .177 barrel, your velocity can reach 1000 feet per second, and the .22 will go as far as 830 feet per second. A stylish and comfortable carrying case is included with the air rifle to help protect it and make it easy to carry. A one-year manufacturer’s warranty is also included on all new Beeman air rifle purchases.

Beeman P17 Deluxe Pellet Pistol with Red Dot

Beeman Air Pistol with Red Dot Site

This street smart-looking pellet pistol can fire PBA .177 caliber pellets up to 410 feet per second, and it has a safer recoilless single pump firing mechanism. The gun is only 9.5” long with a barrel length of 4.5”. Use it in closer quarters during paint pellet battles or show off your target skills with a friendly game of plinking. The longer barrel helps to keep your shots on target, and the burst of air gives the pellets all of the force they need. A manual safety will help to prevent misfires, and you can also adjust the sights for differences in wind and hill elevation. A red dot sight is also included, which helps you find your targets even on a starless night.

Beeman Sportsman Series Deluxe Upgraded Air Pistol

P17 Delux Air Pistol

This sleek black air pistol is powerful and realistic looking, capable of firing up to 410 feet per second. The recoilless pump makes it easy to refire, and the pellet gun’s lightweight design makes it a good training pellet gun for younger shooters. The German designed gun does not need expensive CO2 cartridges; instead it has enough power after one pump of the air pistol. The steel barrel is rifled to improve accuracy and to last through any outdoor hunting trip. The slide is aluminum and the frame is constructed from a polymer, making this a durable and long-lasting all purpose air pistol. The pistol fires 11 mm pellets and has an adjustable rear sight.

Beeman RS2 Air Rifle Combo

The best beeman hunting rifle

A hardwood stock and a blue rifled barrel make this an air rifle that everyone will notice. The .177 caliber pellet rifle can fire up to 1000 feet per second, and it also includes a 4 x 32 rifle scope for tracking your targets. Use this rifle in marksmanship competitions and show your competitors that it can shoot as good as it looks. Hunt varmints and small pests in your yard, or take it on a small game hunting trip with your friends. Its lightweight design makes it easy to carry, and it can also be used younger hunters.

Note: All Beeman pneumatic firearms include a one-year limited warranty on new purchases. It is also important that you check your local gun laws before purchasing any type of pneumatic firearm.

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