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While a fully automatic pellet gun may not be ideal for the beginning shooter, more experienced hunters and marksmen love the feeling of the rapid fire action and all of the excitement that it brings. Many of the automatic air rifles look and feel realistic, which makes them great training tools for the military and police departments.

You’ll find that most automatic pellet guns are either .177 or .22 caliber, and are powered by either a CO2 or nitrogen canister. These canisters are normally 12 or 88 grams, and it is important to check which size your air rifle requires. The sharp, sleek look of the pellet guns gives backyard plinking a new edge, and most of the air rifles can be set on semi-automatic for pest control and small game hunting.

Practice your shot groupings and enjoy the excitement of rapid fire shooting with an automatic pellet gun. If you are not sure what type of automatic air rifle is best for you, we have put together a review of some of our favorites. It is important to always be careful with an automatic air rifle, and to check with your local guns laws before purchasing one.

Best Automatic Pellet Guns

SMG 22 Full Auto Belt Fed Pellet Gun

SMG 22 Fully Automatic Air Rifle

Manufactured in the U.S.A., this automatic air rifle features a picatinny front rail so you can easily mount scopes and sights. It is powered by either a CO2 or nitrogen canister and can fire up to 600 feet per second. It can shoot up to 12 rounds a second, and also features a realistic 100 pellet ammo belt. The rifled barrel helps to keep your shot groupings close together, and the front and rear sights give you the ability to line up every shoot. Plink cans with your friends in the backyard or take it out to the range for some target shooting.


Palco Thompson Military M1A1 Airsoft Rifle

Automatic Airsoft Gun Thompson M1A1

This automatic pellet gun is often called the training model for the military M1A1, and it does make an excellent training tool. The rear sight is adjustable, and the durable hard plastic body will last through all weather conditions and years of use. Instead of using a canister to power the shots, this air rifle includes a rechargeable battery pack. The magazine drum is easy to load and is capable of firing up to 328 feet per second. It is lightweight enough for younger shooters to learn on, and realistic enough to train more advanced firearm users. The magazine can also hold 1000 pellets, so you can shoot a continuous volley.

KWA ATP Adaptive Training Automatic Airsoft Pistol

KWA Automatic Airsoft Pistol

It is a 6mm semi/automatic pistol that will give you the feel and experience of the real thing. The air pistol uses a NS2 gas system to power your shots, and it is capable of firing up to 340 fps. The air pistol’s magazine can hold 23 pellets, and it also features the blow back system which delivers a realistic kick. This air pistol is perfect for advanced shooters who want to practice their aim, and for novice gun enthusiasts who are not used to using an automatic weapon.

Desert Eagle Full Auto Airsoft Pistol

Full Auto Desert Eagle Pistol

Not only does this Desert Eagle full automatic air pistol look like the real thing, but it is also the official replica. The air gun is completely reacted for a realistic look and feel, and it is a pneumatic gun that deserves to be shown off. Firing 12gram BBs, you can shoot up to 394 feet per second, and the clip can hold 21 pellets. Take it to the range and practice your marksmanship skills both indoors and out, or use it during a fun afternoon of plinking with your friends. The air pistol can also be set to semi-automatic so you can use it for a little bit of pest control.

Heckler & Koch 416 Durable Airsoft Electric Gun Rifle

HK Full Auto 416 Airsoft Rifle


Constructed from a durable polymer, this electric rifle from Heckler & Koch can withstand years of firing. A battery and charger are included with the air rifle, and it is capable of firing up to 340 feet per second. It uses 6mm BBs and is ideal for a practice weapon. The front and rear sights also fold down when you are not using them for an unobstructed view of any target. This electric rifle is perfect for practicing plinking and target groupings in the backyard or a field. While this is not a competition air rifle, it is an excellent air rifle to have for an afternoon of fun with some friends.

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