What Makes the Benjamin Air Pistol HB22 a Good Air Gun?

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Benjamin 22 Cal Pellet Pistol

There are lot of air rifles and air pistols in the market today. Given the newest research and technologies, what kind of pellets can you use? There will still be an argument as to whether the .22 or the .177 caliber pellet is considered as the best one. In reality, if you want to eliminate pests and have the best hunting equipment, the .177 is  definitely not a good caliber of pellet for you. The .22 caliber pellet is the best one out there for so many reasons, one of which is the fact that the .177 can only pierce a pest and not take it down. On the other hand, .22 caliber air rifles and pistols carry the knocking power that the .177 calibers do not posses.

The Benjamin HB22 Air Pistol is one of the best ones out there. This air pistol is a great handy replacement for an air rifle. Priced as $133, this is already a good buy. It has the ability to be your go to hunting equipment, especially when you want something light.

What to Expect with the Benjamin Air Pistol?

The Benjamin Air Pistol is the epitome of American craftsmanship. This durable air pistol has been made of parts that are guaranteed to last for years to come. Among the things you can expect is that it carries a kind of precision that deserves recognition. although most people would love to carry an air rifle with bolt-action capacity, this pistol is made for more practical people. With variable power coming from the pneumatic, it can drive a projectile up to 460 fps. Though this is considered low in contrast to some of the best air rifles in the market, it can still be a good buy considering that it can do the job.

User Comments About the HB22

Benjamin HB22 air pistol ReviewOne of the greatest metrics you can use to know quality is to look at the comments of users who have appreciation of air rifles and pistols. To paint a picture of what you can expect, it is important to look into different aspects not mentioned in the packaging. For example, in terms of grips, the pistol may not be the best one. Some find the grips to be quite wiggly. This may give an undesired effect in terms of stability. However, not everyone is complaining.

In the durability department, the HB22 air rifle is a good buy. The air pistol is able to last for years according to some. You can take out a great number of pests and squirrels out there. According to some reviews, despite firing more than 1000 pellets through the barrel of the Benjamin air pistol, it still has kick. This only means that the product has undergone strict quality control before going to market.

Distance and Accuracy

Benjamin HB22 air pistol Keep in mind that the Benjamin air pistol is not really a rifle that can give you 50 yards. However, it can be effective at 30-40 yards which is crucial in eliminating pests.  Though some people think that the grip is not really that good, the accuracy of the HB22 is on the spot. It has the ability to hit the target well even with a 25 foot range. You also need minimal pumps in order to operate the air pistol effectively. Whether it is 3 or 8 pumps, you get the same results.

By name, the pistol indicates that it is a Benjamin air pistol; however, you have to realize that it is made during the time when Crosman owns the company. It’s a good thing that all the assets are maintained with the product despite the fact that it is now under the umbrella of a new company.

Why Take the Pistol Over the Rifle?

There are a lot of people who find a pistol to be handy in different situations. Just imagine carrying a bulky type of air rifle? These are situations you can avoid when you have the pistol. Bolt action and with minimal pumps needed, the Benjamin air pistol is a great product to have. Purchasing this item, you do not have to worry about the different aspects including carrying a big bag just to get rid of pests. Although minute, it was built to last.

If you are the practical type of person, this is the product you want. Though it may not give you the same feel and stability as a rifle, it can still be worth the price. For those with no issue shooting steady without resting everything on your shoulder, this is the product you may want in your possession for pest control and for taking out small animals.


The bottom line with this product is that it can give you the things you are looking for in an air gun. You only need minimal pumps in order to deliver blows to squirrels and other rodents. As far as the construction of the product is concerned, this is a great investment as you can use the gun for years to come. Also, aside from the fact that you can use it accurately for a long time, it is important to note that a lot of customers are happy with their Benjamin HB22 air pistol.

The Benjamin HB22 air pistol is not really that expensive. the price is $134, which is really not a bad deal over all. As for the rating, 4 out of 5 stars attests to the fact that you do not have to deal with many problems. Furthermore, it has a great classic finish. All in all, it is the classic air pistol that can be a great investment for you.

To sum up, if you are after a compact air pistol within your budget with a good kick and avoiding the cons of the .177 caliber pellets, this is exactly the one you want to own.

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