What Made the AK47 Airsoft Gun Superb?

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Airsoft AK 47 Kalishnikov Rifle

Airsoft as a game has become sophisticated over the years. It has allowed a lot of people to enjoy the airsoft gun that mimicks the real thing. This has provided people with the best experience when it comes to the games themselves. Can you imagine rapid firing BBs as if using a real automatic rifle? Of course, this has become a reality today given the finesse in the construction of airsoft guns. The best airsoft guns on the market make it possible to mimic the likes of M16 rifles. But of course, not every airsoft gun mimicks the right way. The M16 airsoft, for instance, is not able to provide full automatic configuration for users. Is this the case with every product out there on the market?

One of the sturdiest designs ever made for military purpose is the AK47. It is a great product if you are after a sturdy military equipment that can withstand the tortures of the environment. Fortunately, the AK47 Airsoft Gun is a great product that gives you peak performance. The Airsoft gun can do a great number of things including muzzle velocity of up to 475 feet per second. This simply tells you the fire power for your airsoft gun.

The Performance of the AK47 Airsoft Gun

One of the best features of the AK47 airsoft gun is that it can fire up to 600 rounds in a minute. This would have to be around 10 BBs a minute. This alone means that you can rattle your opponent to the core with fire power. In terms of distance shooting, the Kalashnikov airsoft gun can fire effectively up to 40 feet.

A lot of people are wondering if this airsoft gun will cause you to buy batteries like candies. Fortunately, this is not the case. All that you need to do is plug in the battery and charge it on your wall. If you want optimum performance for the electric powered Kalashnikov airsoft gun, then you may want to buy extra batteries. Also, you may consider extra magazines since you can easily run out with this high-powered airsoft gun.

According to the makers of the Kalashnikov airsoft gun, the product is perfect for all skill levels. It is user friendly and you do not need that much skill in order to pull off some of the best performances with this product. Also, it features an adjustable spin up shooting system that can be helpful to your performance.

Technical Aspects

The Kalashnikov airsoft gun is based in the Ak47 60th anniversary rifle.  Because of its popularity and the durability of this design in combat, this exact model has been replicated, but this time for airsoft games. Looking at the construction of the Kalashnikov Ak47 airsoft, it has some metal parts. The upper receiver and the barrel are all metal which adds to the quality of the product.

The inner bore measures from 6.05-6.10 mm, which is not really that bad for an airsoft gun. But, of course, you may argue that this is tight. Upon performance, however, you will notice that it is a unique product to enjoy. Unlike most all plastic airsoft guns that may compromise long-term durability, the AK47 airsoft has gears and a gearbox also made of durable metal.

As for the effective range of the AK47 airsoft, you can hit a target up to 66 yards, and the BBs can be going as fast as 330 to 380 yards per second. The gun makes use of .20g BBs that enable you to perform best during airsoft games. For those looking for precision in their airsoft gun, this may not be the sniper airsoft rifle you want to purchase. Given that you can fire 600 rounds per minute and cover a great distance, the rifle can already be a great airsoft gun of choice.

Is it Worth it?

The pricing for different airsoft guns can go as low as $30 and as high as almost $200. As for the Ak47 airsoft, you can expect this to be a top-notch product that falls within the $156 to $200 range depending on where you are purchasing it. For those asking if it is really worth the price, you have to understand just how the product really works. It is a high-power airsoft that provides rapid fire of as much as 600 rounds in a minute. That is the value you are paying for with this product.

Since it has been based on the Ak47 design, it is a great product to have, especially if you are up for some ergonomic design. You can easily check the grips and you will notice that they were made not only for right-handed individuals but also adaptable for those lefties. The manufacturer made it possible to integrate tactical rails as well as a removable fore grip and a nylon fiber stock that you can fold as you please.


Almost everything in this airsoft gun is superb. You can easily get this airsoft gun and turn it into a long term investment. The reviews of other people with the AK47 airsoft show that they basically like everything about the product. Considering the pros in terms of construction, the pricing, and the overall design of the airsoft gun, it is well loved. However, you have to look into the fact that it may not be the best sling airsoft gun on the market. However, given all the things that it provides, this is something quite forgivable.

Whether as a fan of the Kalashnikov gun or as a fanatic of high-powered airsoft guns, you will find this one is a really good buy. It has the trademark and logo of the 60th anniversary AK47 that you would love to own. It has been considered as the exact real-world counterpart of the famed gun.

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