Airsoft Gun: Airsoft L96 AWP Sniper Rifle Review

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Best Airsoft Sniper Range - The L96 Sniper Rifle

Airsoft games are becoming popular today as they are fun and interactive games that can give you the adrenaline rush you are looking for. What you need, however, is a reliable airsoft gun you can carry around. There are a lot of airsoft guns sold on the market today. The only thing that you need to realize is that not all are created equal.

What things do you need to look into for that perfect airsoft gun? Knowing these things, you will be able to discern the your preference and need. You need to cover the bases and know how you play. This way, you can control the game with the use of your own airsoft gun.

Here are some questions that can come in handy. Do you prefer to shoot in rapid succession or perhaps pick your shots? Are you conscious of accuracy or do you simply want to fire more rounds? If you prefer multiple rounds in a short span of time, the M16 airsoft would be the perfect fit. That type of airsoft gun can release as much as 600 rounds in a minute. However, if you prefer the latter, the Airsoft l96 AWP sniper rifle is a better perfect.

What Are Things That You Need to Look Into?

Most airsoft guns are electric powered. This means that you need to know just how much time is needed in order to charge one. You do not want to run low on battery in the middle of your game. This is something you don’t want to experience. There are instances when you may have to purchase an extra battery, or even an extra airsoft gun.

Also, you need to know if the airsoft gun can be adjusted to your preference. This way, you will know if you can hit your target in a very efficient way. This is important especially in a sniper airsoft gun like the Airsoft l96. Aside from the adjustable features, you also need to realize that there are instances when dexterity can become an issue with the equipment you use. A good product must enable you to shoot whether you area a right or a left hander.

Features of the Well Airsoft l96 Sniper Rifle

The Well Airsoft l96 AWP Spring sniper rifle is a good buy for so many reasons. One, it provides you with an adjustable length butt stock that works according to your situation and how you prefer it to be. It also has a folding retractable bipod that can stabilize the shots you make. This product provides firepower and comfort all in one gun. Also, because this airsoft gun is steady, it has exceptional stability that can be useful when being stealthy during a game.

Unlike most airsoft guns that make you go to a close range just to be effective, with this one you only have to be at a vantage point to pick your spot. It has been cleverly designed as a bolt-action airsoft sniper rifle that creates 450 feet per second velocity for the BBs. Per magazine, you get 23 rounds–more than enough to hit your target without any problem.

Examining the overall quality and durability of the L96 airsoft sniper rifle, you will expect it to be guaranteed to last for years. If you look at the features and the overall performance of this product, you will soon realize why it is priced as such. This allows the user much flexibility to the point where you can easily shoot a target twice the distance of what other airsoft guns can do.

Pros and the Cons of the Wells L96 airsoft rifle

Since the product has a $110 price tag and it comes with a scope, it is a really good package to begin with. If you are a serious airsoft player, this is a perfect buy for you. In terms of accuracy, the mechanics of the airsoft gun make it a really good product to own. The heavy duty materials, adjustable stock and stable bipod make the product a top- quality sniper airsoft gun. Since this is a bolt-action airsoft sniper gun, it is important for it to be quiet and smooth in terms of overall shots. This is exactly what you can expect with this airsoft gun.

You have to be watchful, however, when operating the airsoft sniper rifle during your games. There are instances when the L96 airsoft rifle will not load successfully. Fortunately, you can correct this by pressing on the clip. With such a configuration, there is really nothing you can say against the L96 airsoft sniper rifle.

What Comes With the Product?

If you are going to purchase the Well Spring Airsoft Rifle, you will see that it comes with an assembly metal bolt and stock. It also has a magazine that can carry around 23 BBs. Furthermore, it has not only a bipod but also a tri rail that can help you adjust your shot and comes with a scope and covers. Upon opening the package, it is really self- explanatory as to how you operate this airsoft sniper rifle. Two Allen wrenches all you to make specific adjustments with your airsoft sniper gun.


The product is really a good buy if you are after the best type of shot without compromising your budget. The fact that it can muzzle .20 BBs at a very fast velocity is an indication that you will have a competitive edge with the Well L96 AWP Spring Airsoft rifle. Looking at the rating that people give it, it has a 4 out of 5, which simply means that you have happy customers. In terms of the price, it is a good buy overall. Though it is over the $100 mark, the fact that it carries accuracy is a game changer in the world of airsoft.

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