Air Rifles 101

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Are you a bit intimidated by traditional firearms, but still want to protect your home? Or maybe the cost of a conventional firearm is too high for you. If that is the case, an air rifle may be the ideal option for you. An air rifle is even great for enthusiasts that happen to be searching for a unique alternative to the firearms that they currently have within their home, while still getting a good price.

Air-Rifles-101You will need to keep in mind that air rifles are not as powerful as traditional firearms, but they remain a viable option for hobbyists and hunters. This allows for the option of using a gun minus the general problems that accompany firearms.


The ammunition used in air rifles is different from traditional firearm ammunition. This is due to the fact that air rifle projectiles are powered via compressed air, therefore they lack the propellant that generally accompany traditional firearms. With that being said, air rifle ammunition is referred to as “pellets” as opposed to “bullets”.

Given the fact that the pellets are propelled via compressed air, the ammunition can be varied. There are pellets that take on the shape of a standard bullet, while others the form of a round projectile that closely resembles what was previously utilized in early rifles and muskets. Additionally, there is ammunition that are darts, bolts and arrows and they can also be easily loaded into air rifles.

Types of Air Rifles

There is actually a great deal of types of air rifles to choose from. Each of them work differently while all making good use of compressed air in order to achieve an effect that is quite similar to that of a traditional firearm. The following are some of the types that you will likely be able to find while looking for the ideal air rifle for you.

Do keep in mind that one common issue that arises with air rifles is their tendency to have a powerful recoil. This can make is difficult to control during multiple fires.

CO2 Powered Air Rifles

Winchester Model M 14 CO2 Air Rifle

The most common variant of an air rifle is the CO2 gun which utilizes carbon dioxide in order to propel ammunition towards its intended target. These are some of the handiest of guns due to how well they are generally put together as compared to other variants of air rifles. The cartridges that are used for these rifles are simply CO2 tanks that have been pressurized and fire ammunition.

Spring Powered

069 air rifles - spring piston

The spring piston of the rifle is able to make use of a simplistic mechanical spring in order to propel pellets towards a target. These pistons are quite accurate and powerful and are quite ideal for the purpose of hunting. The ammunition for a spring powered air rifle is capable of breaking the sound barrier and is known to be devastating to anything on the receiving end of its capabilities.


Crosman M4-177 Pneumatic Pump Air Rifle (.177)

This type of rifle solely relies on air pressure to propel pellets towards it targets. This is a type that is not handy in situations that are more hectic given that you will need time to prepare it. They are able to be primed with the use of a hand pump or the rifle can come with a cylinder (this is recommended) to deliver the needed air pressure.

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