How to Choose the Right Air Rifle Pellets

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Air-gun-pelletsWhen you make a purchase of an air rifle or pistol, you need to know a few things. You need to know what things are used on it. Are you planning to fire BBs or are you planning to use pellets as the projectiles? The fact of the matter is, the characteristics and size  f the projectile plays a large role in both hunting and pest control.

There are a lot of air rifles and air pistols used for pest control and hunting and the pellet is a crucial element in this hobby. Air rifles make use of pellets that vary from .177 to .22. What is the difference between the two? You need to know the difference between air rifle pellets in order to get the shot you are looking for.

air rifle pelletsThe pellet is non-spherical in shape in order to be aerodynamic. This type of design allows the pressure to be maximized when it gets propelled. The tight seal of the barrel and its riffling play a huge role in delivering the best shots for the air rifle pellets. The most common type of design in terms of the shape is the diabolo, a wasp waist designed pellet. There are those with flat or even rounded shapes. Each will have pros and cons. However, enthusiasts tend to prefer the diabolo as it travels smoother, maximizing the pressure delivered by the air rifle.

The most important point with pellets is they have specific calibers according to the gun’s specification. There are pros and cons as to which is the right one for your air gun. You have two options when getting pellets for your air rifles: it should either be .177 or the .22. Here are the differences:

The .22 and the .177 Air Rifle Pellets

.177 air rifle pelletsAlso called match pellets, .177 caliber pellets are used on the 10-meter type of pistols and rifles. The shape of the heads are typically wadcutter heads. The size is almost flat, leaving you with a clean, round hole. If you are going to purchase rifle pellets with .177 caliber, you will notice that the packaging is a bit elaborate since the pellets can easily be damaged. This way, the uniformity and the shape of the product will be maintained.

air rifle pellets comparisonOver the years, the .177 has become popular among different groups as they can be propelled more easily compared to the .22 caliber pellets. However, what makes the .22 caliber pellets one of the most popular today is basically their effectiveness.

The reason that .22 pellets are becoming popular is because of pest problems. The .22 pellets can effectively take out small animals and pests. The knocking power of these bigger pellets makes a huge difference.

Crosman Destroyer .177 Cal, 4.5mm, 7.9 Grains, Pointed, 250ct

Crosman Destroyer Pointed Pellets

If you have an air rifle that is .177 caliber, this is a perfect purchase for you. With 500 pellets included with the $12 tag price, this is something that most pellet gun owners will enjoy. It is worth every buck considering the quality of the pellets and how they can be thrown in the air from a reasonable distance. This product is unique compared to the others on the market. A lot of users are looking for a pointed pellet in order to pierce properly through the target. The hollow point is also a good attribute typically absent among pellets. It will provide maximum expansion when the pellet hits the target, delivering added knocking power through energy transfer.

Different people love the product. In fact, it has received a decent 4.5 out of 5 from users. According to those owners who have air rifles that can propel a pellet 1000 feet per second compared to those with weaker firepower, this product is still a perfect fit for maximizing what the air gun offers.

Crosman LPH .22 Caliber Hollow Point Pellets, 500 Pack

Crosman Hollow Point 500 Count Pellets

For a $9 value, Crosman LPH .22 caliber hollow point pellets can provide some knock down power for small rodents and pests found on your own property. Coated by lead with a weight of 14.3 grain, this product is widely used by those who prefer to have higher caliber firing power. Made of heat-treated metal, that is also water resistant, this product will allow you to enjoy hunting and other types of activities. The downside to this lightweight .22 caliber pellet made by Crosman is the fact that it is composed of lead. If you are going to use it, be sure to follow the safety instructions found on the label.

A lot of users are now comparing the Crosman LPH .22 caliber lead pellets with other brands, and they have found them to be superior to many products out there. For those who are looking for high-quality shots, this is the product you want to purchase.


When purchasing pellets for your air rifle, you need to understand that it is not enough to know the caliber. You want to make sure that you also choose the right type. Not all pellets are created equal. There are designs that are flat while others are pointed. When they are used in hunting, all of these factors can play a role.  It’s a good idea to become a wise consumer whenever you are looking to purchase air rifle pellets. Whether you have a pistol or a rifle, you will want to know the different characteristics of the pellets that you purchase. Also, you want to be familiar with how these pellets react in your air rifle or pistol.

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