Which Air Gun Caliber Should I Pick?

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A lot of hunting enthusiasts find it hard to choose the right kind of air rifle for their hobby. These days, if you look online, you’ll find countless opinions regarding the pros and cons of each air rifle or air pistol. One of the most important things you need to determine is the caliber of your air gun. This determines the shooting accuracy, the force, and the overall experience you will get from your air gun.

If you are purchasing an air rifle, you should also look at the cost of the air gun, not to mention the operating cost of the particular caliber of air rifle. Below is a discussion that hunting enthusiasts would love. We will be dissecting things that you will get from different caliber air rifles. You’ll learn the exact scenarios where the particular caliber becomes handy.

Air-Gun-Pellets caliber

.177 caliber

A .177 caliber air rifle is the most common type of air gun you can purchase. It is the favorite of many hunters worldwide. According to them, it is the best for caliber regardless if you are buying a rifle or a pistol. What makes the .177 caliber a good call? This is the caliber of air rifle you want if you are looking for accuracy. If you are looking to hit a target within 10 meters, perhaps this will do. And since it is lighter, it is easy to carry around when hunting. Also, since it is made of lighter and smaller materials, it is relatively cheaper. Some .177 caliber air rifles you can get for $100.

.20 caliber

If you are looking for that all around air gun, then perhaps the .22 caliber air rifle is what you need. The trajectory of the .20 caliber is as flat as the .177 caliber pellet. As for the power it generates, the .20 caliber pellet carries approximately 40% more energy than .177 caliber air guns. If you decide to have a .20 caliber air rifle, you will be faced with very few options.

.22 caliber

If you ask seasoned hunting experts, most probably they will suggest a .22 caliber air rifle for you. What makes this a good option? Just to give you an idea of how much force it generates, it can produce an average of 80% more energy than the .177 caliber pellet. The main problem with this option is that it is difficult to hit the target with this type of air gun. It is important that you are comfortable with this ind of air rifle. It takes practice and experience in order to use this class of air gun.

.45 to .50 caliber

Unless you are knocking down a deer or a boar, there is no other reason to pick this caliber of air gun. Not only is this air gun expensive, but it has a tremendous amount of power that you will not really need for most situations.

Should you pick a .50 caliber air rifle? Perhaps it is better to stick with the .22 caliber that can carry a decent punch and distance for all your hunting needs. With this guide, hopefully you’ll be able to find the right one that meets your expectations.

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