Why Take the .22 Pellet Gun Over the .177 Caliber Air Rifle?

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Crosman Nitro Venom Dusk 22 Air Rifle

The .22 caliber pellet is legal for air riffles. This is also true of the .177 caliber pellet. There is an increasing number of air rifle enthusiasts today. Most of them are using these air rifles for hunting and pest control purposes. Unlike guns that can get you into trouble, you get more leniency with these types. But of course, what are the things you need to look for? If you want the best performance, it is important to first learn a thing or two about the air rifles.

One of the best products on the market today that is under consideration by many potential buyers is the Crosman Nitro Venom Barrel Air Rifle. For those familiar with the niche, there are two types of Crosman Nitro Venom Barrel Air Rifle products you can choose from. You can either select the .22 caliber version or the .177 caliber.

What should be the top consideration when picking a pellet gun? One of the most important things is the distance that it can shoot. A 22 pellet gun is a good choice for those people looking for a great shooting experience. Why would you take a 22 pellet gun than a .177? If it is a windy situation, the .22 is a far superior pellet. It can take out bunnies and other pests. Though a lot of people still prefer to have the faster and lighter .177 pellets, the 22 pellet gun design has its own traction in the world of air rifles.

Why Pick the .22 Pellet Gun Than the .177?

What makes the [easyazon_link asin=”B004V958U8″ locale=”US” new_window=”default” nofollow=”default” tag=”air-riffle-20″ add_to_cart=”default” cloaking=”default” localization=”default” popups=”default”]Crosman 22 pellet air rifle[/easyazon_link] a good choice? For monetary reasons, you can opt for the 22 version as it is cheaper. Since more people are into .177 caliber air rifles, it is clear why .22 caliber air rifles are cheaper by just a bit. If you are budget conscious, then probably this is the product you want to have. For around $144, in contrast to the $156 [easyazon_link asin=”B004V958U8″ locale=”US” new_window=”default” nofollow=”default” tag=”air-riffle-20″ add_to_cart=”default” cloaking=”default” localization=”default” popups=”default”]price of the Crosman Nitro Venom .177 pellet gun[/easyazon_link], the former can be so much better. You need not worry about the performance of this product. Given that it is manufactured by Nitro Piston, it is a really good product. You can simply enjoy more without really spending a lot.

Fire Power

The Nitro Venom Break Barrel Air Rifle .177 can fire from 1000 to 1200 feet per second, depending on which pellets are used. It can have its pros and it can also have its cons. Can you hit your target better with the .177? Probably you can hit the target faster since it is traveling at a much faster velocity. However, does it have the same knocking power?

When you use the bigger 22 pellets, they tend to slow down, but the rifle has a better ability to knock down small animals like rabbits and pests. This is the exact reason why those who want to really take out pests pick the .22 caliber over the speedy but light .177.

If you are the type who wants to shoot at a longer distance, then the .22 pellets would not really be the best call. Trajectory will be affected as you move from the target. However, if you want to increase your accuracy despite windy situations, and deliver the best fire power, then it is a good choice. A lot of hunters recalibrate their air when the wind is quite strong. Though the pellets can run at a faster velocity, it can easily be knocked off and could just scramble your target.

Another issue that hunting enthusiasts have with the .177 is that it is prone to over-penetration. Knocking power is important especially when you hit an animal. There are some instances when a .177 pellet may still have a rabbit running despite penetrating the head.

What To Expect From Crosman Nitro Venom

For starters, the Crosman Nitro Venom Break Barrel Air Rifle has been designed to deliver from 800-950 feet per second of velocity to its pellet. It has a scope you can use in order to increase accuracy. And of course, it has been designed to be a lightweight air rifle. Only weighing around 7 pounds, this is easy-to-carry hunting equipment.

You may be asking, is this air rifle accurate? With the fluted muzzle brake construction, together with the wide forearm, it has the ability to increase your shooting accuracy. The Crosman Nitro Venom Break Barrel Air Rifle is considered by many as the benchmark of hunting air rifles available today. With great firepower, not to mention a great price, this can be a good choice for anyone who loves the outdoors.

Smooth, Fast and Easy

For those who are serious about being stealthy when it comes to their hunting, this is a good product for you. The Nitro Venom Break Barrel Air Rifle provides 70% less noise than other spring air rifles. Also, it has been made to consider overall user experience.

What most people say in the reviews is that they get the best shot with this air rifle. There are some factors that can affect your shooting accuracy one of which is recoil.  The Crosman Nitro Venom Break Barrel Air Rifle provides a smoother cocking effort as well as recoil.


Whether it is a dry or a cold environment, you will find this type of air riffle to be reliable. Based on the response of customers, the Crosman Nitro Venom Break Barrel Air Rifle is a top-notch product you should invest in. Considering the price and the quality it provides, it has the same characteristics, such as the same power, compared to more expensive models. Also, using .22 caliber pellets, it can knock some animals down without a problem. If you are looking for accuracy, affordability, and a great overall performance in an air rifle, you should consider the .22 caliber Crosman Nitro Venom Break Barrel Rifle.

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